Keeping Kids Entertained On A Train Journey

Keeping Kids Entertained On A Train Journey

Have you ever taken a long journey by train with your children? What did you do to keep them busy and happy during the trip? 

There are some obvious advantages to travelling by train. 
For example, firstly, and most importantly – you are on a train!! What little kid doesn’t love trains? There was one month of the days out with a toddler linky I host where nearly every blogger who joined had been on a train with their little one – have a look at May’s #daysoutwithatoddler link up here
Secondly, you don’t have to sit down for the whole trip, as you have to in a car journey. Children can wriggle, and jiggle to their heart’s content. They can walk with you to the catering carriage to buy some snacks, or even go to the toilet when they need to, rather than having to wait for you to turn off at the next services along the motorway. So that cuts out some opportunities for whining.

Thirdly, the jiggety-jig of the train is a relaxing noise. You never know, it might translate to a quiet journey for you and the family.

Also, you regularly pull into stations, so there are often new things to look at, and find, like the station clock, the guard with the flag and whistle, and so on.

And finally, you get to do nice activities together, and not you stressedly shouting instructions over your shoulder while trying to watch the road: “Yes, darling, start the maze at the top, no, the top. Not that top. Turn it round, yes, there. Where the creature is…”

Here are some lovely free printable travel games from First TransPennine Express  to keep children entertained while traveling. Although you can view this as an opportunity to play together, some older kids will be able to get on with these activities on their own. You could use them in the car, but don’t join in playing noughts and crosses if you’re driving, please… 
These four games will make the hours fly by (and I know James would absolutely love the maze, as lots of other 4 year olds do, too). So, make sure to print these out before you travel.

Take your pick…

Wicked Word Search

Crazy Noughts and CrossesSuper Duper MazeBrainy Dots and Boxes

Grab some sticker packs and pens, pencils and crayons, and you’ll hopefully have a lovely journey with kids, whether on the train, car, or plane!

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