JORD wood watch review

JORD wood watch review

Today I’m reviewing a JORD wood watch. JORD are an American company producing gorgeous timepieces made from a variety of wonderful woods, each with a contemporary design.

JORD Wood Watch Review

Wooden watches are not new, but they are striking so you remember when you’ve seen somebody wearing one. They’re a really choice if you like a chunky style, because they’re lightweight, and they don’t make you all sweaty and sticky under the dial.

JORD wood watch berries autumn

Taking care of your wood watch

The natural dark sandalwood is hand finished and needs some looking after – you can’t take them into the shower or anywhere excessively damp, like the sauna or during a workout.

Lemon or orange oil extract is best for cleaning the natural wood.

The glass of the Fieldcrest is scratch resistant, and has a really cool clasp mechanism. You simply pull the two sides of the strap together in the middle over the metal closure, and it clicks reassuringly into place. You can’t see any metal when it’s closed, and it didn’t come loose or undo by itself while worn.

JORD wood watch red berries autumn coat

Ordering a JORD Wood Watch

Before ordering you can measure your wrist using JORD’s ruler, which you can download and print off. JORD will then adjust the size of your wood watch before shipping it to you. Alternatively, if you’re giving the watch as a gift and can’t grab the measurement of the recipient’s wrist, it can be resized in a jewellers or watch repairer very cheaply.

autumn JORD wood watch

The Fieldcrest is the name of the cool watch I picked, and I love it, not least because the dark sandalwood looks so perfect with a great many Autumnal outfits. This model retails at $139, which is about £115 at the moment. JORD wood watches are shipped worldwide free of charge. You might incur a small import charge, however – just something to be aware of. There are many other styles – head over to the website for a peek at the other fabulous timepieces.


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