James’ Dream Pet with Petplan

James’ Dream Pet with Petplan

James’ drawing has become really good, and it seems to have transformed almost overnight from scribbles to very detailed and identifiable pictures. We occasionally play a game where I am handed a “telephone” and I speak to the “person” on the other end who is looking for a particular drawing. They ask if James can draw a rabbit, or a car, or a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, and so on. James agrees to draw the item and then asks me to take a photo on my phone so that the caller will see it.

It’s all lots of fun, and it’s interesting to see how his drawing skills have changed and improved. Recently Petplan asked if James could draw a dream pet, and so for him it didn’t seem an unusual request at all! He produced this wonderful drawing, of a magical zebra.

After I had taken the usual photo of his drawing I sent it on to Petplan for them to pass to a third party who created this amazing toy.

Frank the Magical Zebra – our new pet!

The magical zebra is called Frank now, and has gone pretty much everywhere with James. It is absolutely brilliant. I mean, look how exactly the face matches James’ drawing! Amazing. This would make a really cool gift if you wanted extra special Aunty or Grandma points or something. Fortunately, although he is a dream pet, he doesn’t need insuring, unlike real life pets! Part of being a responsible pet owner is having pet insurance, and Petplan’s pet insurance is a good choice due to their genuine lifetime policies.

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan but all thoughts are my own.


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