Inspirock Travel Planner available here!

Inspirock Travel Planner available here!

I’m so pleased to be able to share with you Inspirock, which is a brilliant free trip planner. If you’ve got a day out with the kids next week, a 14 day summer holiday as a family, or even that weekend away with your other half, this will help you discover the perfect itinerary for you!

You will find this free planner in the menu of this blog – click on Trip Planner in the header above if you’re on desktop. On mobile, click the three lines to the right of the screen at the top, and then press Trip Planner. This is the new way to plan your next trip.

Fully customisable FREE trip planner

The trip planner is a fully customised way to organise your visit to somewhere, to make sure you don’t miss hidden gems, and to make the best of the popular sights!

It’s a really easy to use site; you simply input your destination by region, city, or country and the dates of your visit. Select who you’re going with, and what type of sights you’d like to see, and click See Your Plan. Seconds later you’ll have a personalised itinerary for your holiday, or day out!
free trip planner to inspire and organise your trip

Holiday inspiration

You can use it to inspire your holiday destination. If you’re undecided between Malaga or Tenerife, you can simply run the trip planner for both destinations and see which one is likely to appeal more to you. Click on the Day by Day tab to see the suggested itinerary and the Explore tab to personalise the trip to your tastes. You can add places to your plan or remove them, as you like.

free trip planner to help organise your trip to paris free trip planner to create a unique itinerary for your trip

Check transport and accommodation all in one place

The free trip planner will also show you suggested areas for you to look for accommodation. Note that it can search for hotels, and the rates look pretty reasonable, but do compare the market before booking.

If you don’t have transport sorted, the free trip planner can also check that out for you. It compares all the airlines flying that route and orders them into price, with least expensive at the top. Remember that least expensive ticket price does not automatically equal the best for you – check luggage allowances and whether or not you have to pay for food and drink on board, flight times, and so on. If you’re travelling overland, the Inspirock trip planner will also check train times across Europe, as well as look up car rentals for you.

You can share, download and add the itinerary to your calendar. You are also able to share your trip to social media, if you’d like your friends to check it out, and maybe join you on your adventure.

Click Trip Planner to try it today!

Where are other people planning to visit right now?


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  1. January 3, 2017 / 12:04 am

    This is a really useful tool – even if it’s just to give you some ideas. I’ve used it for next weekend when we’re heading to Harrogate – thanks

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