Infinity Pitch: Play by your own rules at BALTIC

Infinity Pitch: Play by your own rules at BALTIC

This morning we were invited to try out the new exhibition at BALTIC – Pester & Rossi’s Infinity Pitch. The exhibit is open from today 24th March to Sunday 15th April, and is a colourful fest of making and doing. You make the rules of how to play in the space!

infinity pitch BALTIC play by your own rules

Infinity Pitch is in BALTIC’s 3rd floor gallery, and was imagined by artists Pester & Rossi. There are creative stations, big colourful inflatables and you can take part in activities to play, watch, listen and explore BALTIC’s largest gallery space.

How did we play?

James, who is 5, disappeared off to the giant inflatable pyramid towards the back of the room. There you can simply enjoy being inside a giant inflatable, watch the screens on the wall, or spy on others in the gallery. Or, you can grab some colourful stickers and decorate the pyramid.

pyramid BALTIC infinity pitch

Noah, who is 3, initially held back, clinging to me like a koala baby, while he got the measure of the room. There is a bit of a hum in the room, and occasionally there will be extra noise while an inflatable is puffed up. For this reason, a basket of child-sized ear defenders have been provided, just inside the doorway of the gallery.

Before long, Noah was away, stickering up the pyramid with his brother.

Infinity pitch BALTIC

There are also giant inflated cushions to lie on, hide under, relax in, and so on.

Elsewhere, there are costumes to dress up in. My boys didn’t fancy that today!

The best part of the exhibit for both of two was the basket of coloured electrical tape, which they both used to put lines on the floor. James’ starts at the lift, so you might see it if you visit the exhibit, and follow his yellow line to the sign that says James and Noah.

What did we think?

“Best day ever. Can we come every day?” – James.

“What a lovely morning. A happy morning.” – Noah.

“Creative, appeals to those who want a run around and those who like creative activities. I’d recommend it.” – Me.



  1. March 24, 2018 / 12:57 pm

    Looks like fun! Glad they enjoyed it. We’ll have to pay a visit soon.

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