James has a fabulous imagination. I love that he plays so happily with toys, sticks, string, whatever and thinks of amazing tales. In the photo he was “learning all about fire”, and kept telling me so, though I thought he was sticking magnets to tin cans!


It is becoming a little bit of a problem when it comes to bedtime, however.
Last night, in the middle of the night, I heard, “No, no! Stop it! Don’t like it!” from James’ bedroom. Then, softly, “Mammy”. I crept in and found him lying quietly in his bed. I cuddled him till he fell back to sleep after he spoke of wolves.

The cookies we baked yesterday were put into a tin with scotty dogs on. But apparently James can’t eat any of those cookies because of the wolves on the tin.


I don’t know if those wolves are the same as the ones he was dreaming of.

And tonight we’ve had hysterical tears about going to bed, due to there being dragons in the kitchen. I joked that of course there are dragons in the kitchen; we use the fire from their mouths to cook with! The dragon cooked your toast! But seeing the fear in his eyes I soon backed down, “Mammy’s being silly, there are no dragons”.


So on the one hand I’m sure imaginative play is brilliant, and something to be fostered and encouraged. I do enjoy it when James says he’s being a doctor and my tummy gets ‘scanned’ as he sees the midwife doing. I like eating the spaghetti he cooks, and drinking the mango juice he offers in a stacking cup.

But of course the other hand is a bit tricky with these nightmares and panics about things that aren’t there!

Have you any tips?


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