How to make delicious low sugar ice lollies at home

How to make delicious low sugar ice lollies at home

These are really easy to make, delicious, sunshiny ice lollies. We make them regularly as they’re so simple, and we eat them as fast as we make them (almost!) You can make lots of different flavours, using whichever fruit you like to eat. We used strawberries in these lollies since that’s what we had to hand. 


Ice lollies don’t have to be reserved for summertime! We enjoy ice lollies all year round. To make these strawberry ice lollies, you will need:

  • a couple of strawberries;
  • a spoon or two of yoghurt – Greek-style natural yoghurt works best;
  • (optional, and only if your child is over the age of 1) a quick squirt of honey;
  • a blender – a stick or a Nutribullet;
  • lolly moulds. We use these by Annabel Karmel.

perfect snack for toddlers healthy and delicious yogurt and strawberry ice lollies

We blended up some yoghurt with some juicy strawberries and poured the mixture into the Annabel Karmel ice lolly moulds.

ice lollies

You can see James absolutely loves them, and I have to say they taste so fresh and the strawberries make it really summery.

fresh ice lollies with yoghurt and starwberry


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how to make strawberry ice lollies


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