How to tie shoelaces – use Lace ‘m ups!

Noah is absolutely fantastic at his new favourite thing; un-doing laces. I was out for coffee with my friend the other day, and Noah went scuttling across the floor, making a beeline for his shoes. With one swift action he had those laces un-tied. Fortunately my friend has no problems redoing them, but I noticed he had a different technique to me. Now if we had both learned using this simple, but effective, tool, we’d have had nothing to compare or talk about for the next few minutes. I jest, of course.

The Lace ‘m Ups is a little piece of rubbery material that helps children learn how to tie shoelaces.

Lace ‘m ups were invented by Ben Drury, a man who lives just down the road from me. Ben explained that the product came to being because he wanted something to help his daughter tie her own laces, instead of needing him to help “six times an hour”.

This little piece of rubber was the result of several prototypes, and it helps to focus children’s minds on the parts of the laces they need to look at to tie the shoe.

shoelaces hack lacemup

You actually tie the shoe in the same way as you normally would, no funny tricks, just a simple piece of rubber that separates the strings doing the bunny round the tree steps. At the end, when the shoe is tied, you pinch the Lace ‘m up sides and pull it off. The shoe stays tied, and the Lace ‘m up comes with you on your keyring, which could be attached to a school bag. What a great idea, and it will foster independence while learning an important skill. Lace ‘m ups are available online here and cost just £2.49.


Lacemup - a really simple tool to help kids learn how to tie their own shoe laces!


  1. October 14, 2015 / 7:30 pm

    Such an easy and simple idea! Love how cheap this invention is and how it comes from Whitley Bay! x

    • October 14, 2015 / 7:34 pm

      Go and have a look at the website – it shows how the product was born! So interesting !

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