How to maintain a garden during summer

How to maintain a garden during summer

Summer is definitely here! And with it, a new garden for us. Our old fence had definitely seen better days, the lawn left something to be desired and it was so cluttered it wasn’t a great place to sit out in anymore. Time for a make-over!

(Or Rob does lots of work in the heat, and I appreciate his efforts). First, he took down our old fences, gave them an amazing refurb and put them back up. If you looked at our fence panels at the moment you would be astonished to learn they weren’t brand new, off-the-peg panels. Rob has done a brilliant job.

Unfortunately, our plants all took a hit while he was tramping around in the borders. None of my beautiful, established, plants survived. Gone is the gorgeous clematis I planted while I was pregnant with James. Gone are the herbs I planted the summer before Noah was born. All the pretty flowers have gone, too.

So I was thrilled when we were invited to Cowell’s Garden Centre for an event because we bought some plants with a very generous £20 voucher. The boys planted strawberries and herbs in colourful pots. They look great in our garden! We also picked up some border plants. I am keen to keep them alive when the heat wave hit.

Here are some ways to look after your garden in summer.

If (When) the inevitable hosepipe ban arrives, use buckets of water to soak the grass.

Water in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t high in the sky, as it gives the water time to soak in without being evaporated.

Now’s a good time to use Round-Up since the weeds are already struggling, and that stuff just absolutely zaps them. Rob – do not ask me why he did this – put some on our lawn since there were some dandelions… Safe to say the grass is looking “patchy” at best. Round-Up does the job. If you have weeds in your patio or paved areas, I highly recommend it.

string in a bottle plant irrigation grow

You could try this brilliant string from a bottle to the plant trick like this: We first learned of it in our Weekend Box Club.

Going away? Then consider giving your potted plants to a neighbour or ask them to call around and maintain your garden if you are going on holiday. Our neighbour has looked after our herbs while we have been on holiday several times; he has really green fingers and although he does use the herbs in his cooking, we usually get back bigger plants than we left!

Add drip irrigation – Consider installing a drip irrigation system for your potted plants. Drip irrigation systems are a great option to ensure potted plants are watered consistently. They’re easy to install yourself, and they aren’t very expensive either. Set the drippers up to run on a hose timer and bingo! You have a self-watering container garden! Talk about low maintenance. My aunt has the lushest garden in Spain, and it is in part down to using drip irrigation.

Hopefully, we get to keep this beautiful weather AND have gorgeous gardens to enjoy. Fingers crossed!


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