Honey and Mustard Salmon with Spring Greens and Jersey Royal Potatoes

Honey and Mustard Salmon with Spring Greens and Jersey Royal Potatoes

This salmon with honey and mustard is quick and easy to make, and it is suitable for all of the family with little or no adaptation.

When your children are young, I think it’s a great idea to sit down to a meal together whenever possible. Mealtimes are always a good time to chat over what everyone has been doing. I love to switch the tv off and listen to the exciting things going on in the boys’ heads.

When I started planning this post, I was looking forward to Spring. Yesterday we had a day of bright sunshine, and although the ground is frosty, it felt like we’d be expecting daffodils to spread their golden joy soon.

I have used ingredients that come into season in Spring, but you can use any type of potatoes and any veggies you like. Early peas would be ideal to go with the honey and mustard salmon, or courgettes if you can find them! Variety is really lovely for children to help them get all the nutrients they need and discover what they like to eat. I left out salt and pepper so that the dish is suitable for younger children. If you are making this just for adults and older children, feel free to add salt to the potato water if you like, or pepper to the spring greens. I use wholegrain mustard because it looks and tastes fantastic, but also because it’s milder than English mustard.

You will need to check very carefully for fish bones to make sure you get them all out, and you may like to mash your baby’s portion well if you feel they are not ready to chew lumps yet. You will need to serve baby’s portion before you put on the honey and mustard sauce, since under-1s shouldn’t eat honey.

honey mustard salmon and potatoes with spring greens

Salmon with honey and mustard and seasonal vegetables

You will need:

  • Salmon fillet or steak (one or two per person according to your family’s needs)
  • 4 tablespoons runny honey
  • 4 tablespoons wholegrain mustard
  • Jersey Royal potatoes
  • Spring greens

Pan fry the salmon, turning regularly so that 3 sides are cooked.

In a bowl mix the honey and mustard together.

When you’ve got one edge of the salmon left to cook, spread half the honey and mustard mixture onto the salmon.

Microwave the spring greens with a sprinkle of water for two minutes.

Put under the grill until the salmon is cooked.

While the salmon is grilling, use the pan to heat the spring greens with the remainder of the honey and mustard sauce.

Serve with delicious Jersey Royal potatoes for a plateful of Springtime!

honey and mustard salmon recipe spring



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