Helping Your Child To Be Happy And Wild [GIVEAWAY]

Helping Your Child To Be Happy And Wild [GIVEAWAY]

We have one of the toughest jobs in the world as parents. People might give you advice as to how you should bring up your child but every person is a unique individual. There is no universal guide for bringing up children because techniques that might work for one kid won’t work for another. That being said, whilst all kids may be individual, they do exhibit similarities when it comes to common issues they experience whilst growing up. There are certainly right and wrong ways to steer your kids onto the right path when they’re experiencing difficulties.

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Helping your child to be happy and wild is all about finding that sweet spot of balancing your nurturing parental instincts with the restraint necessary to allow your little one to develop at their own pace and become independent. You have to let your children learn how to do certain things for themselves but still be a shining light of guidance in their lives. If you’re struggling to help your child during a rough patch then here are some pieces of advice that might help.

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Avoiding over-coddling.

This is such an important piece of advice and one that was touched on in the introduction. Many parents panic at the slightest issue with their child and react by over-coddling them in response. The important thing to remember is that you’re not the sole key to your child’s happiness. You need to allow them to feel fluctuating emotions and not smother them in affection when the slightest thing goes wrong.


The last thing you want is for your child to become overly-dependent on your support when they experience any issue in life. Your role, as their guardian, is to give them advice and help when they need it but to also allow your little one to experience problems in life so that they can learn how the world works and how to deal with said problems. You have to be an advice-giver but not their bubble-wrap. If you don’t let your children experience problems for themselves then they’ll never learn how to be independent.


Dealing with bad dreams.

We all remember those bad dreams we had as kids. In fact, many of us might still have nightmares when we get older. However, bad dreams as a child can be very frightening and traumatic. It’s important that you talk with your child and comfort them after having a nightmare but be sure to explain to them that it’s not real; it can be hard to separate these ideas when your kids are very little.


If bad dreams lead to bedwetting or other problems then don’t panic too much because, again, many kids experience this. You might want to do a little research and buy washable incontinence pants here for both daytime and nighttime use if your child is a little embarrassed about their problems with retaining urine; it can happen for some kids during the daytime. The important thing to remember is to support your child by not turning it into an overly-big issue; you don’t want to embarrass them further if they’re getting a little older and it’s still happening.


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Getting out in the real world.

It’s so important to get your kids playing outdoors. Without sounding like an ancient old parent, kids do spend too much time inside on their phones, tablets, computers, or whatever other technology they can find in the house. There’s nothing wrong with letting your little one play video games and things, however; what’s important is moderation and balance. Make sure they’re not spending too long sitting around indoors. You need to get them outside if they’re becoming a little restless and agitated indoors. Getting outside and being physically active is so important for mental health (whether you’re an adult or a child).


You need to encourage your children to get out there and play with their friends, even if you’d much rather have them at home where you can keep an eye on them. You could always go out on day trips with your little ones to achieve this. Take them to the park every weekend or go to your local zoo. Have some bonding time as well as getting your kids out in the fresh air; you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.


Be a happy parent.

Obviously, you can’t force yourself to be happy but you should at least strive to be the happiest parent you can be. You’re a role model for your child and you want to teach them to have the most positive outlook possible on the world even if you’re slightly more cynical than you were when you were their age. If you’re not sure how to start feeling a little happier in life and have a more positive effect on your child then start finding a small slice of time for yourself each day; have a nice relaxing bath or read your favorite book. Find some you time.

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