Heavenly Tasty Organic Snacks – review

Heavenly Tasty Organic Snacks – review

We were sent a selection of products by Heavenly Tasty Organics snacks to try. As a range of toddler snacks they are delicious, well packaged, and full of goodies.


The range of snacks by Heavenly Tasty Organics is designed for children aged 12 months and older. The foods were designed by a mum who made all her own foods for a baby during weaning, and obviously became rather adept because she’s now selling them for a living. Clever mummy, Shauna.


We tried coconut squishes, and to be honest, both my boys wolf down fruit pouches quite often, so I thought these were going to be accepted and demolished without question. I was right – these were grabbed and enjoyed before I had time to even focus the camera. I tried both flavours (by slurping the very end of the pouch) and they were both yummy to me! I do like that these are 90g, and so they count as one of toddler’s five a day.


Wafer Wisps are like crispbreads, and Noah loved these. If we’d had more packets he’d have munched through those too. As a toddler snack they are pretty fragile, so I stored ours in a small plastic box – I don’t think I’d carry that around any time outside of being on holiday, so probably they best suit a mid-morning snack in the house. Definitely not one for throwing in the changing bag for a future date! We loved the Spinach, Apple and Kale flavour – so nice to see my toddler eating a superfood!


The Happy Halo Bites are a bit like cereal, but in a small re-sealable pouch. They make a good on-the-go snack. We tried the apple flavour, and the banana Happy Halo Bites, too. Neither Noah nor James were enamoured with these at all as a snack on their own, but will have them as an accompaniment to a picnic-style lunch. I tried them, and can tell you the flavour of both is absolutely spot on – for example, the apple flavour is exactly the taste of dehydrated apple, though in a cereal loop.


heavenly tasty organics toddler snack lunch
Noah doesn’t like bread very much, and if offered a plate of crudites and hummus will eat all the veggies and dip but none of the bread sticks. I thought the Heavenly Tasty Mini Italian Breadsticks were very good, with a great texture and taste, but he declined to try either after a small bite of each flavour. This is more down to his personal preference than the quality of the Heavenly Tasty Organics snacks! We tried Plain and the Rosemary Breadsticks, too.


heavenly tasty organics snack toddler range
Crispy Veggie Waffles were the biggest hit in our household. The Sweet Beet and Shallot are a fantastic colour and look fab on a lunch time plate. Noah munched these down quicker than you can say “more!”. They are crispy circles and both types of Heavenly Tasty Organics Crispy Veggie Waffles were enjoyed.

Have you tried any of the Heavenly Tasty Organics range?


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