Happy outdoor play in Tynemouth, and turning tears into smiles!

Happy outdoor play in Tynemouth, and turning tears into smiles!

I said recently that one of my parenting superpowers is the ability to turn tears into smiles. When little ones scrape a knee or cut themselves, it’s our job as parents to soothe away the tears. We comfort and distract our children to turn those tears into smiles. For their #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge, Elastoplast is celebrating playing outdoors and the freedom playing outdoors brings to children. After all, falling down is part of growing up.

Turning tears into smiles

Do you have any strategies to soothe and cheer your children after minor scrapes, cuts and other injuries? I go for simple cuddles, and kisses to make it better. My kids are obsessed with plasters, though. If they get the slightest knock, they’re straight away asking for a plaster. When they do actually need one we struggle to find them because the boys think they’re fun stickers and use a billion all at once. Plasters can often turn tears into smiles, simply because it feels like they’ve got something to mend the scrape, whether it was needed or not.
walking down the steps outside tynemouth priory

Of course children need a bit of a helping hand from parents, inside and outdoors, to prevent trips and falls. One day we won’t get to hold hands with our little boys, because they’ll be big and independent… Oh those days can come more slowly please!

tynemouth priory from below

looking over to the mouth of the tyne with collingwood monument to the right beind the boy

A few weeks ago, one of James’ friends cut themselves, and James was straight over, checking they were ok, and then insisted on putting the plaster on to make his friend feel better. I was so proud of him, as he’s got such a lovely, kind nature.

I do think it’s important to let children explore the Great Outdoors. Whether it’s a local playground or a beautiful landscaped garden, it’s so worth getting outside to play with children. Although the scrapes are a bit muddier, it’s so much more fun outdoors! And being outside really improves everyone’s mood. Whether the sun in shining or there are puddles on the ground, it’s so much more difficult to be grumpy with you’re out in the fresh air!

We are lucky to live next to Tynemouth, with the beautiful priory and castle, and the much loved (and missed) outdoor pool. We love to explore here, with a walk in the massive ditch outside of the castle, and a peek through the gate, before grabbing an ice cream to eat in the space where the pool once was.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. Please do go and look at their webpage by clicking here because they have the most beautiful artwork created by an artist, Lorraine Loots. She paints amazing “pictures for ants” which are so gorgeous, and the stories by the children she paints are wonderful.


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  1. May 7, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    Here’s to getting children outdoors and I love your pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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