Mummy Hair – Easy hairstyles for busy mums with long hair

Mummy Hair – Easy hairstyles for busy mums with long hair

Some days the boys wake up before me and I’m straight into being a mum, without time to really think about what I’m doing with my hair. Other days I can actually blow dry it and others (unicorn days) I can get the straighteners out and get polished hair. Here are some of my favourite easy hairstyles for the days when I’ve got five minutes to get ready and even less time for my hair.

When my boys aren’t actually causing me to pull out my hair (no, not really!) I tend to wear it loose, quite often. I’ve got long, thick hair. I’m growing layers out after a horrible haircut at a top salon while I was pregnant. If I was on a boat, I’d totally look like this.

mummy hair style inspiration 01

Plaits and Twists

I really like the look of this hairstyle – it reminds me of Lauren from The OC (did anyone else watch that obsessively or was it just me?). It’s only a few twists and plaits. However, it’s totally perfect for getting it up and out of your face when you’re bending over changing nappies and playing with toy cars.

Side note: I so miss my blonde hair from before I had kids but I don’t miss the eye-watering bills from the upkeep!

twists and braids in blonde hair fun fingernails


In winter we’ve got scarves at the ready to keep our throats warm in the chilly outdoors, but you don’t have to pack them away when you head indoors or during Summer. It’s another great, simple, stylish way to keep hair out of your eyes, especially on a ‘bad hair day’.

woman wearing scarf on head over hair in bun


The good old pony is how I often wear my hair. Getting it good and high is my favourite, though low and elegant is simple yet effective.

woman wearing hair in ponytail

French braid

I’m really good at plaiting. I love it! It’s such a good way to tidy up hair and looks really neat if you do it well.


A messy bun is really easy do to, without any extra tools. You basically just need a couple of pins and dirty hair. If you’ve got two bobbles you can still do a bun, so it’s one of my regular mummy hairstyles.
I love a sock bun, which you do simply by cutting the toes off a sock, roll it up into a doughnut, and then rolling your ponytail onto it. It will sort of hold itself, but a bit of a spray will hold it there and look elegant while being a really easy hairstyle for busy mums.

buns are a simple hairstyle for busy mums

Pulled back

Do you know what this is called? I don’t and we’ve always referred to it as a Klingon style. Anyway, it’s one of my favourite hairstyles when I’m busy because it’s so easy but you can dress it up with a flower, a clip, or a plain bobble.

easy hairstyles for busy mums


When all else fails, stick on a hat. And erm, sit on a car?! Of course not – those kids would want to climb up there with you. No rest for the wicked, eh? But seriously, a hat is a good idea if you’re struggling with your hair and it’s chilly (or hot) out there.

woman sitting on car while wearing hat and shawl

How do you wear your hair when you’re busy being a mum? Do you have fun with it?

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