#MiniChefs in the kitchen with Num Noms

#MiniChefs in the kitchen with Num Noms

Something I really love to do is to get the kids involved in making their own food, and get them enthusiastic about eating a variety of things.

We were sent some Num Noms to play with and to inspire a food-making session in the kitchen. First of all the boys were beyond excited to have some more Num Noms to play with. I tried and totally failed to capture some of the excitement on a video, because Noah started dancing, while James immediately began tearing at the packaging to get the Num Noms out to play with.

I asked the boys to have a sniff of the Num Noms to see which one they liked the best. I was looked at as though I was ridiculous; apparently the only thing to be done with Num Noms is to stack them in a variety of shapes. James made pyramids and towers, while Noah knocked both down. This was repeated over and over, and I left them to it. Both happy, both with their own role to play.
num noms minichef burger

num noms minichef burger guacamole recipe for mischief

After a while I interrupted the tower building and knocking down to ask what they wanted for tea. We looked at the Num Noms and talked about making pizza, or a cake for pudding, but James decided on a burger.

Okay, so going on what we have in the house, I’m afraid that this burger did not look like a Num Nom. It was, in fact, a bit of a Geordie burger since it had a stottie instead of a bun.

Also I put the guacamole on the wrong side of the burger. If you look at the photo of the Hammy Burger Num Nom you’ll see it has a layer of green (almost certainly lettuce, but here’s an opportunity to get good green stuff into my boys and I actually didn’t have lettuce in the fridge). However, guacamole is delicious and easy for the kids to help with.

num noms burger minichefs guacamole recipe Here’s the recipe I use – inspired from trips to Mexico and watching the waiters make it fresh at the table.

  • Half a red onion, diced
  • 5 cherry tomatoes, chopped into quarters or smaller
  • One ripe avocado
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • A squeeze of lime juice

I simply chop the things I need to and get the boys to add the ingredients to the bowl and stir it all together.

burger guacamole recipe num noms

Absolutely delicious and so easy (thank goodness). So thank you Num Noms for inspiring our evening meal of chorizo burgers and guacamole!

What do you cook with your mini chefs?


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