#goimagine with Microsoft Surface in partnership with John Lewis

#goimagine with Microsoft Surface in partnership with John Lewis

James and I were invited to London to see the new Microsoft Surface Go in action in an event where we could see what the Microsoft Surface has to offer. Ben Fogle led a panel discussion as to how it can benefit a family home.

As parents, we encourage creativity in our children. Not only is creativity important in childhood, but our employers want creativity; everyone loves fun approaches to problem-solving! Microsoft Surface Go inspires children to discover more about the world, experiment, and develop skills for life.

ben fogle microsoft surface go

Bored of doing that? Change!

One of the great things about using a tablet like Microsoft Surface Go is that they allow change of activity easily. If your child is doing a bit of creation using Paint 3D, there isn’t any tidy up of messy craft materials before they decide to change activity.

james using microsoft surface go

Something that really helps to foster great relationships between your children and tech is for adults to talk about it and do it with children – give them a challenge they love. Crucially you also need to be interested in the results! Don’t answer questions for them. Let them discover for themselves. We were told about a fascinating study in India whereby a computer was laid into a wall in a slum area. Children quickly began to teach themselves about the different abilities of the machine, including using a mouse, surfing the web, playing music and increasingly advanced features. They learned so much by themselves and together scaffolded the learning to develop their skills beyond what one might achieve alone.

Read more about the Hole in the wall project.

Use tablets to inspire creativity

During the discussion, a play expert explained that tablets can facilitate outdoor adventures rather than replacing them. For example, a family walk can be shared with other families via the internet – people sharing their experiences can help others to enjoy outdoor spaces. Before we had gone into the event, I had shown James Paperboyo’s Instagram photos. Take a look for yourself and download the stencils from the Microsoft Surface website too. Paperboyo takes stencils out into the world and holds them in the scene such that reality changes to become something more exciting. For example, the Gerkhin building becomes a butterfly, or a geyzer becomes a superhero trail. James was inspired to have a go immediately and began holding his lunch in different places so that it looked like it was wrapping around a drainpipe, or lassoing a man standing nearby.

Tablets like the Microsoft Surface Go help to record adventures; it’s also possible to use the table to send postcards to granny to tell about the experience!

using microsoft surface go paint 3d

fun with microsoft surface go paint 3d

Be creative and have a positive approach to embracing technology.

During the event, James used the Paint 3d program to create a penguin by putting together 3d shapes, as well as a crazy animal called a Horsagon, by taking parts from other animals! He loved it.

We enjoyed our time with the Microsoft Surface Go. It is very portable as it’s so light. It’s a great idea to have the stand inbuilt to the back of the screen.

The Microsoft Surface Go retails from £399. The pen and keyboard cost extra but add to the experience of using the Microsoft Surface Go.

Tablets can be the bridge between family and school, indoor and outdoor. Explore the world (and use your Surface Go to document it)!


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