Ginger Sponge and Orange Custard – cooked in the microwave!

Ginger Sponge and Orange Custard – cooked in the microwave!

Like the vast majority of the people in this country, I have a microwave in my kitchen. It sits in there, occasionally reheats beans from a can, and otherwise it collects dust. What about yours?

Cooking real food in the microwave

Well, when I was contacted recently to see if I could recreate one of these recipes for dishes cooked in the microwave I was like, “woah!” as I had no idea that little box in the kitchen was capable of much more than simply reheating precooked food.

ginger sponge cooking in the microwave

A long, long time ago my aunty gave me a fancy microwave. It is really good at cooking pizza, and that’s all I have ever done with it outside of making my cup of tea, beans, peas, etc hot again. It had “other” settings on it, and you can press the “pizza” button or the “baked potato” button, and it will work its magic until those items are cooked to perfection.

Recipes for microwave cooking

Did you know that if you don’t have an oven in your kitchen you will actually be able to cook filo fish parcels, or classic scones? Nope, I didn’t either. But yes, real food is possible thanks to technology.

I met a guy once who had moved in with his girlfriend and after a short time he had ventured into the kitchen (I imagine “a short time” was a few weeks, going by what else I knew of him – you’ll concur in a moment) and saw how she’d been making his tea. He was outraged that she had a microwave, and threw it out of the kitchen window. As he threw it, he shouted “DING! And your dinner is done!”.
That story has both tickled and outraged me all at once for the past few years since I heard it.
Anyway, back to what you can do with a microwave.
the thing that always happens when you cook liquid in the microwave

Does that always happen to you, too, when you cook liquid in the microwave? You’ll see why that was so terrible this time a bit further down…

Ginger cake and orange custard

I used the recipe available in this list of microwave recipes. If you follow this recipe you’ll notice that it sort of stops half way through the process of cooking custard, and I blame that entirely for the end result. Oh, I can’t do that? Okay then. Well, I don’t know who or what to blame but basically things were going well and then in the final minute something went wrong and my custard curdled. You, with the advantage of me going first, you can avoid this.

ginger sponge and orange custard

I can tell you the ginger cake was all cooked in about 20 minutes (I had to cook it for longer than the recipe because I used one pudding dish, and not 4 individual ones, as suggested). The custard was so, so yummy I think I’ll probably make it again but pour it into lolly moulds next time. It would be so good, hot or cold.
To avoid the curdling situation, just keep a closer eye on it than I did. It started to look “done” at 5 minutes, and then I put it on for 1 more minute, but it clearly only needed 30 seconds more.
For the steam part of the sponge pudding, I added an egg cup with water inside. I don’t have a fancy dan microwave that does a steam shot. I hope that was ok, and it seemed to be!

I’ll certainly be cooking more real food in my microwave, what about you?



  1. July 21, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    Ooo this sounds like such a good idea – cake in the microwave is a revelation!

  2. The Daisy Pages
    July 22, 2017 / 9:34 am

    I’d love to be able to use my microwave for more recipes…thanks for the inspiration. Cake sounds like a perfect place to start!

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