Get paid to eat with Gousto and Topcashback!

Get paid to eat with Gousto and Topcashback!

Okay, I have to share this with you guys, because I discovered it recently and it’s too good a deal to miss. I’ll just point out that if you follow the steps included in this post using the links below, you’ll give me a small commission (thank you). So. I recently discovered Gousto, which is a box that’s delivered to your house full of ingredients to make two meals (for 2 people) or one meal (for 4 people). The food is all really fresh and well packaged, and you cook it according to the instructions to make restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own kitchen. I’ve found out how you can get money back for ordering a box – so essentially you’re not eating for free – even better than that! You’re being paid to eat.

Gousto discount code and cash back

Okay, it’s only a small amount that you’re getting back, but still; better than buying food from the supermarket because not only is it all delivered for you, it’s not costing you anything. Note that this will only work if you’re a new Gousto customer, and you have to pay some money when you order but you’ll get MORE money back.

What do you have to do to get a free box from Gousto?

First of all – sign up to a Topcashback account. If you already have one then skip to the next step, and use this link for Gousto because you’ll get £25 off.

Use my referral link for Topcashback to get a joining bonus of £5 M&S eGift card (limited offer until 8th May 2017).

Next you search in the grey box on the Topcashback screen for Gousto.

Then click the pink button that says Cashback.

Next, click the pink Get Cashback now button. This will open a new window or tab on your browser and will apply a voucher code to your basket on the Gousto website. That voucher is worth £22 (if you are a new customer to Gousto). The box for 2 meals for 2 people is priced at £27.49, so the price you will need to pay is £5.49. Where else can you buy 2 meals for 2 people at just over a fiver?! Very few places.

Topcashback will pay you £6.30 for your purchase at Gousto – if you are a new Gousto customer – plus you’ll get that £5 M&S eGift card if you sign up to Topcashback before 8th May. If you’ve used Gousto before you’re getting a slightly less good deal, but they’ll still give you some cashback, and I believe you will still get the £22 voucher applied to your account.

Topcashback is a brilliant way of earning money for your online shopping. If you use Chrome, then install the toolbar, and it will tell you when you’re on a site that will pay you cashback.

Since we use topcashback all the time for our online shopping, we’ve actually earned over £500 just for buying things we would have bought anyway. Sometimes they have extra bonus deals, like this Gousto discount which makes it even more useful!

Your earnings can be paid in vouchers, BACS transfer, PayPal account or Avios.


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