Get crafty with Swizzels Love Hearts Valentines Tins

Get crafty with Swizzels Love Hearts Valentines Tins

We were sent a lovely hamper of sweeties from Swizzels Matlow for this post! The hamper included several rolls of Swizzels Love Hearts and these fabulous tins.

I gave one each to the boys with some STA Metallic Colour Pens (affiliate link), and let their imagination fly! I also kept one, so I could decorate it for Valentine’s Day!

swizzels love hearts sweets

Love Hearts have been around forever. I remember cycling to the newsagents in the village and getting a packet with my pocket money when I was a child. However, Swizzels Matlow has updated the little messages stamped on the sweets for today’s digital age. Now you can find emojis, and phrases like Bestie, which probably wasn’t something they said in the 80s!  Of course, the familiar phrases like “Soul mate” and “Marry me?” are still there so you can still use these little sweeties to woo that special someone this Valentine’s Day!

This year Swizzels Matlow has created a new tin filled with Love Hearts mini rolls. The tins are a cute and inexpensive Valentine’s gift. To make them special, you can easily personalise them yourself with stickers or a metallic marker pen.

You can stay classic and write the name of your special someone on the tin. Or just draw a picture of mummy enjoying the sweeties!

I went for song lyrics – are you old enough to know which song these words are from? And for bonus points, what’s the movie that featured this track?

Love Hearts tins are available from lots of online retailers for around £2.99. Who will you give yours to?


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