21 fun things to do with your Google Home

21 fun things to do with your Google Home

We accidentally discovered that Google Home has some fun things for the kids, and so I got searching the internet for more! I found that over in the States there are more than 50 special family-friendly activities to play on Google Home, but here in the UK not all of them work. When you try one that doesn’t work, your device will tell you that it’s not supported in your region. A very disappointing response!

However, through trial and error of the USA list, we have discovered how to have some fun with Google Home in the UK.

These also work on Android phones and Google Home Mini. Some will work with Apple iOS too, but you’ll need to go via the Play Store and send it to a connected iOS device.

Here’s the list of all the things you can try with Google Assistant in the UK:


Hey Google, play Talk Like a Chef

Boost your cooking vocabulary with a simple question and answer game

Hey Google, help me with my homework

A bit hit and miss. Sometimes she tells you she can help you and other times she lists off a number of “answers” and tells you that you’ll do fine on your own!

Ok Google, talk to Learning Time with Timmy

Learning Time with Timmy is the brilliant new YouTube series developed by Aardman and the British Council to help learn English as an additional language. The Google Home app is another fun way to learn with Timmy, encouraging users to learn their colours while creating a rainbow and match the sounds to the instruments. And of course Timmy is on hand to let you know when you get something right!

Ok Google, play Talk like an Astronaut

Aspiring astronauts will love these space-focused flashcards. Learn cool astronaut lingo and neat facts about space, and you’ll soon have people mooning over your out-of-this-world vocabulary.

Hey Google, play Space Trivia

Very similar to Planet Quiz (below).

Hey Google, talk to Planet Quiz

This is a quiz about the solar system. There are 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The easy questions are still challenging for a 6- and 4-year-old! You only get 3 questions so it’s not too long.

Hey Google, play Animal Trivia!

See how much you know about animals with this wildly cool game. Full of jaw-dropping facts about gorillas noses, lions’ roars, and more, this brain-bending trivia game is the cat’s meow.


Hey Google, play Freeze Dance

This was the first thing we discovered. Somehow Noah knew to ask for Freeze Dance, rather than Musical Statues, which is what we call it (and what the game is). Google will give you silly dance moves to use each round and starts/stops the music for you. (Obviously) someone needs to spot for wobbles!

You can also play Musical Chairs – get your seats ready and have someone available to take them away!

Ok Google, talk to The Wiggles!

There’s a Wiggles concert today, and we need your help to get to the show! Follow Emma on a fun, Wiggly adventure as she travels through town to find her friends and bring them with her to the concert. Your decisions guide what path to take and who you will meet along the way! On your journey you can also dance, play games, and listen to fun songs with Emma, Lachy, Anthony, Simon, and more Wiggly friends.

Hey Google, play What’s Your Planet?

Answer some questions, and Google will tell you which planet you’d be. If you don’t like the answer, just replay the quiz and give different answers to get a different planet!

Hey Google, play What’s Your Inner Animal?

Discover your inner animal with this fun personality quiz. Are you a polar bear, an otter, or another cool creature? Answer a simple set of questions, and howl with delight when you find out. James is obviously a narwharl because it kept offering that even if he answered a bit differently some of th the time!

Hey Google, play What Fruit Are You?

Get a silly new name with this family-friendly quiz. Rattle your way through a group of interesting questions, and become the proud recipient of a playful nickname. Want a different name? Take it again for new questions and a different result.

Hey Google, play What’s Your Nickname!

After you answer a few questions, Google will just pop some random words together and make you a silly nickname.

Hey Google, play Lucky Trivia for Families

A quiz! Multiple choice questions. You are given a nickname and you take it in turns to answer the questions.

Hey Google, play World Foods Trivia

The game show all about food. Featuring eats from around the world, this game tests your knowledge of Polish dumplings, fried spiders, and more. Both picky eaters and refined palates alike will delight in the nifty questions this trivia game dishes up.

Hey Google, talk to Ding Dong Coconut

He plays random noises to you and you have to remember the word to associate with that noise. You can play solo or with friends, either against each other in elimination. It is so hard, but my boys really try hard at this because they love the silly noises (and the name, I think!)


Ok Google, tell me a story

There are some stories ready to be told. Ask Google Home for one by saying any of these prompts:

Hey Google, tell me the story of The Tired Alien
Hey Google, tell me the story of The Not-So-Scaredy Cat
Hey Google, tell me the story of The Chef Who Loved Potatoes

Ok Google, talk to StoryCastle

StoryCastle is a new storytelling Action brought to you by HarperCollins Children’s Books, a unique new listening experience for families. Opening StoryCastle leads to a world of magical classic storytelling for listeners, by bringing the very best of Children’s writing to life in a fun and immersive way. Each day the StoryCastle contains a whole book in the Blue Garden, and the beginning of a longer story in the Red Tower. Once you’ve begun listening you can use the following commands to control the story; “Ok Google, play.” “Ok Google, pause.” “Ok Google, stop.” “Ok Google, skip.” “Ok Google, switch.” “Ok Google, start over.” When you’ve finished listening, you can ask an Adult to Learn More about the stories you’ve listened to in StoryCastle.

Ok Google, let me talk to Smallfoot

Join a mythical yeti on this exciting interactive adventure that lets you learn to speak yeti, hear a traditional fire-side story and even enjoy a game of Musical Yaks, where you can show off your best moves as you dance along to two amazing songs from the Smallfoot movie soundtrack.

Hey Google, talk to Story Champ

This tells you a short story and then asks you questions (answered with yes or no) about the story to see if you were listening!

More family friendly fun on Google Home

Here are the other things that aren’t available in the UK at the moment. If you use a VPN on your phone or wireless router you can always switch it to the US to find out these games!


Hey Google, talk to CK-12
Hey Google, talk to Study.com
Hey Google, talk to Math Showdown
Hey Google, talk to Everyday Heroes
Hey Google, talk to Sporcle Junior
Hey Google, talk to Quizizz Student


Hey Google, talk to Mystery Animal
Hey Google, what’s my Justice League superhero?
Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Adventure
Hey Google, play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia
Hey Google, play Sound Pet
Hey Google, play This or That
Hey Google, play Guess the Sound
Hey Google, talk to Tricky Genie
Hey Google, talk to Voice Tic Tac Toe


Hey Google, play Strangest Day Ever
Hey Google, play Jungle Adventure
Hey Google, talk to PlayKids Junior
Hey Google, talk to Short Bedtime Story


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