French fuel crisis

French fuel crisis

Our road trip seems to be a little bit poorly timed; there is a fuel crisis in France just now. 

When we were in England we had no idea that there were any problems with fuel in France. We got a text from Eurotunnel as we were approaching the tunnel that gave us the impression that there was some kind of protest at the petrol station in Calais only.

But driving here it is clear; there is a fuel crisis in France right now.

Petrol rationing has been imposed across much of France. In one station we tried to fill up at there was a limit of €30 per vehicle and we had to prepay before using the pump. For a full interactive map see Le Figaro’s article here.

In other places we’ve found that if there isn’t a price advertised on the tall boards outside the garage then there isn’t any fuel at all.

petrol rationing at forecourts in France during the fuel crisis
The queues of cars has made the whole experience of getting fuel a slow one; plan your journeys and leave enough time to get there. Apparently there’s an app (isn’t there for everything?!) called ‘Essence’ which shows where there is fuel – see here.  We have also had to maintain enough diesel in the car and begin to look for some even before we’ve done many miles. Diesel seems to be in shorter supply than unleaded; we’ve driven through forecourts that had no diesel or gazole but still had unleaded.

I don’t think it’s caused any stressful headaches, but the French fuel crisis has certainly made us think about our trips and made us fill up the car more than usual!


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