Foam fun!

Foam fun!

We have been going to Artventurers for the past few weeks. James really enjoys it. Each week he has remembered an activity we did the week before and asks to do that again, but then finds something else to love instead. For example, last week, among other activities, there was a sandpit with a Gruffalo theme. Lots of Gruffalo characters were buried in the ‘mud’. James clearly enjoyed digging around in there, as he’s mentioned it a few times this week and today took his rake and spade with us in case there was sand.
Of course there wasn’t. In the place of the sandpit this week was a huge pile of foam, with a pirate ship ‘sailing’ in it.


James thoroughly enjoyed the foam, exploring what happened if he ran a tractor through paint and then the foam, and what happened to the foam on the tractor when it was in the water tub.

Today’s theme was ‘Pirates’ and, when he could be dragged away from the foam, James made a telescope and a hat, as well as a pirate with bandana handprint.




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