Flying styrofoam aeroplanes

Flying styrofoam aeroplanes

James absolutely loves all things transport related, like a lot of toddlers. We were in Poundland the other day, collecting some bits and bobs for our holiday, and we picked up a pack of styrofoam aeroplanes. You get nine aeroplanes in one pack.

The fact you have to build the planes, and there are various weights and propellers means this has longevity as a cheap treat, because as James gets older he can experiment a bit with the various models. Obviously, we’ll have to buy more packs in the future for this to be true, because they’re so fragile; they won’t last!

styrofoam aeroplane fun toddlers
James and Daddy went to an empty car park to throw the planes around.

styrofoam aeroplane fun toddlers daddy
James was squealing with happiness and excitement as he threw the planes in the air!

styrofoam aeroplane outside fun toddlers
For a quid we have had so much joy!

styrofoam aeroplane fun toddlers   

Some of the planes look a bit like birds, as James is pointing out in this photo.

I love how much James has really enjoyed these planes. I remember making planes like this when I was little, and Rob does too! They’ve been good for indoor and outdoor play, and also for starting conversations when we’ve been out this week; more than one checkout operator has been forced into a conversation about an aeroplane!

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  1. May 9, 2015 / 1:46 pm

    I keep meaning to make some paper planes here in activity hour, they are so simple yet children do love them. these ones look lots of fun for very little money and clearly kept James amused enjoying some fresh air. thankyou for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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