Travelling as a family #Flying100

Travelling as a family #Flying100

If you’ve been following my Instagram for a while, you might have noticed that we haven’t really held back with our travelling since we had James. By the time James was 22 months old, he had taken 22 flights. Some of those are a bit of a cheat, because occasionally we’ve taken two flights to go to one destination (like Newcastle to London Heathrow, then on to Rome), but I think that’s pretty amazing for a wee toddler!


We’re very lucky as well that James is a good traveller; he’s not travelled with his own seat yet (apart from one time a gentleman moved from our row to be nearer his family, leaving James a vacant seat). He’s quite happy to be entertained by things like the seatbelt, or the cup holder on the chair in front. Of course I pack a bag of toys and games designed to occupy him, but rarely dig more than a couple of things out during the flight.


We’ve been to some amazing places with James in tow. He took his first flight aged 5 months, and his second aged 6 months! We stayed in Florida for four weeks, and we visited Walt Disney World in Florida while he was a portable little bundle, as well as touring all over the state of FL! We saw alligators from an airboat, watched the sunset from the southern-most tip of the United States, and witnessed mermaids swimming in the Weeki Wachee state park.


As a family we’ve also travelled to Egypt, Rome and Berlin, as well as another trip to Florida and two holidays in Mexico.


But where would be on our list of places to go to now he’s a bit bigger? Definitely New York. I’m sure he’d love to see the dinosaurs in the American Museum of Natural History, and then run around in Central Park. We visited New York while I was pregnant with James, and so although he’s technically been, it’s not at all the same! I’ll bet he’d love to see the amazing Niagara Falls, all those yellow taxis, and the famous toy store FAO Schwarz.

Also on our list of places we’d love to re-visit is Paris, though I suspect we’d wait a while until Baby #2 is a bit bigger, because Paris is pretty hilly. Although we’d happily sling the kids all over the place, James is at an age where he wants to walk quite often, but gets too tired, and a pushchair is pretty easy (and useful for lugging bags!) for letting him switch between walking and napping.


Where would we like to go to that we’ve never been before? Malaysia is right up there. I’ve been in contact with a boy (now man) in Malaysia since we became pen-pals 20 years ago. Of course staying in contact has become much easier now that there’s social media like Instagram and Facebook, but it would be amazing to meet up in real life one day! And Malaysia seems to have a great many aspects we look for in a holiday; lots to look at, things to do and see, and of course amazing diving. We’d try to do a twin-stay holiday and visit Kuala Lumpur for the sights as well as an island for the beach.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of commercial flight, #flying100 invites you to find out more about the history of commercial aviation with a fun timeline, read stories about the future of travel, and leave your own stories in the perspectives section.
What destinations are on your travel bucket list?

This post is an entry for the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge, celebrating how flying allows us to make memories and ‘be there’, in association with #Flying100. Find out more at http://bit.ly/flying100.


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  1. November 4, 2014 / 1:05 pm

    Wow – your child has certainly become the globe-trotter. Good to hear about your dream destinations. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    • November 4, 2014 / 10:18 pm

      Thanks Kate, I enjoyed taking part; it was a great prompt to count up all those flights and consider our next trip!

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