Father’s Day – easy gift from a toddler

Father’s Day – easy gift from a toddler

It’s nearly Father’s Day, so I thought I’d share something we made for Rob last year. It’s a really simple gift that is super cute. You can do this as big as you want, or just something small, as we did.

I printed some little letters from Tiny Me. They don’t have the printables we used available any more, but they do have other, free, Father’s Day printables, so do go and have a look.  If you wanted to do this, you could use foam letters from the safe floor pieces, or you could draw your own.

Over a few days, I got James to hold up the letters to spell “Daddy”. It wasn’t as easy as that short sentence makes it sound.

fathers day toddler activity

Though we had lots of fun!

toddler activity fathers day

Well, mostly!

This was the end result.
fathers day Collage babyfoote

If I had this time again I’d have made the letters much bigger, because it’s not immediately obvious what is spelled out. I’m not sure what we’ll do for Father’s Day this year. I’ll be on the look out for some good ideas from other blogs!


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