Farm and fireworks

Farm and fireworks

Today James was a little, shall we say, fractious when it was lunchtime. I think really he needed a nap, but was hungry. So I made him a sandwich, which wasn’t quite right, due to the ham being in the middle of the sandwich. I hadn’t cut the cucumber quite right, and some of the Ella’s Kitchen circle crisps were broken. Woe. Woe.

So, I tried to hurry James out of the house with the intention of letting him have a nap before our first Artventurers class. He saw right through that little ruse, and stayed awake throughout the journey, crying that I was going the wrong way and doing it wrong. (Where does he pick these things up from?!)

In order to avoid arriving at Artventurers a full hour early, I diverted and drove to the little city farm in the Ouseburn Valley. As soon as we arrived, James calmed down and ran to have a look at the animals and birds. He had a great time jogging up and down a ramp, too!



Some of his crochetiness stuck though, and he told the tortoises they weren’t eating the right thing (they were eating lettuce) and the roosters should’ve said “cock-a-doodle-do” not “cluck cluck”.


He doesn’t look impressed with the rooster, does he?!

Anyway, on we went to Artventurers, which was fabulous and the theme was fireworks in honour of bonfire night tomorrow. James’ favourite activity was the eating biscuits part, and a close second was using a salad spinner to make a Catherine wheel firework picture.


Here are two of his creations, stuck on our fridge. The kitchen is covered with glitter. James was really excited to tell and show his Daddy these pictures, and explained how he made them. He’s never done that before; usually creative activities in nursery are secret to nursery, so it was a real treat to watch him demonstrate the spinning and see the enthusiasm again.



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