Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

Christmas is coming up fast, which means that it is time to think about buying some presents. If you sit down and start making a list now, you can potentially take advantage of the Cyber Monday sales. The result will be that you will save some money and make things a little bit less stressful.

To help you to get started I have put together a few suggestions. This article is all about gifts that fitness fans would like.

Sports clothing

Retailers like Jacamo will be offering deep discounts on all kinds of items including sports clothing. Everything from hoodies, sweatshirts and sports jerseys to workout gear, tracksuits and kit will be available in the sales. So, now is a great time to buy clothing for loved ones and friends. Smaller items like all-weather socks, hats, scarves all make great gifts for those who regularly train outside. If you are not 100% sure about the sizing make sure that you buy from a retailer that has a good returns policy and system.

Gym membership

Most people who are into fitness like to go to the gym to train. So, if the gym they use sells gift vouchers buy them one. Alternatively, you could buy them a session with a personal trainer.

Fitness gadgets

Most people love their gadgets, so they make particularly good gifts.

Training gadgets

One great example is a ropeless skipping rope. The fact that there is no rope means that you can use them even in a very small space. They keep count too and keep track of several other metrics.

Fitness monitoring gadgets

Wearable fitness monitors are becoming increasingly popular. They are helpful, which is one of the reasons they make such good presents. Over the past few years, the price of wearable fitness trackers has fallen drastically. So, they are actually now an affordable option.

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fitness watch wearable tech

Phone related presents

There are plenty of fitness apps that you could buy as presents. Or, if the person you are buying for has just bought a new phone, a new armband holder would be very welcome as would a new pair of compatible Bluetooth headphones.

Security devices

For a cyclist, a new bike lock or RF tag are just two security-related items that they may like. If you are buying for someone who attends a gym a new tote or holdall lock would be a good idea. For a runner, a personal attack alarm is a practical gift.

running in forest toward sunlight

Healthy snacks box

Most people who stay fit watch what they eat. So, a healthy snacks hamper can also make a good gift. If that does not appeal vouchers for a local health food shop or restaurant chain could be a good alternative.

Practical gifts for the kitchen can also work. A new blender or a Veggetti device are just two examples of this type of present. If the person you are buying for is following a particular diet regime you could buy them a relevant cookbook.

More gift inspiration

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