What we pack for a family holiday [GIVEAWAY]

What we pack for a family holiday [GIVEAWAY]

I did a bit of a count recently and discovered that my little boys have been to more than 11% of the countries in the world. I’ll save you some maths and let you know that works out at 17 countries. I mean, they’re only 5 and 3, so that’s a fabulous start on exploring the world! I think that means we’re pretty experienced at packing for our family.

Here is a packing list of the things we take on our family holidays.

How to pack for a family holiday so you only need to take one suitcase!

Hand luggage/ carry on

Credit and debit cards
Antibacterial handgel
Daybag – small backpack or similar
Emergency snack
Glasses and glasses case
Neck pillow
Pen and notebook
Phone (loaded with our favourite apps to entertain the kids)
Phrase book for the country you’re visiting
Reusable Shopping Bag
Reusable Water Bottle
Vie Healthcare’s Spray On Mosquito and Insect Repellent – (DEET-free and suitable for all ages, babies included)
Umbrella (invaluable when we were in Thailand!)

Entertainment essentials

Travel plug converter
Music player (iPod or other mp3 player)
Books and magazines
Chargers – camera/ipad/phone/laptop/kindle
Extra Memory Card (we swear by this Toshiba wifi memory card, which makes sharing photos on social media straight from your camera easy peasy)

What to pack to entertain a toddler when flying long haul


Baby Carrier
Buggy/Pram (we fully endorse the Baby Jogger City Tour for travelling with small children)
Car seat/booster seat
Travel Cot/Inflatable toddler bed


Coats/rain jackets
Extra plastic bags for dirty laundry
Small handbag (for when you don’t want to look too touristy, or if you go out during the evening, perhaps)


Contact lens solution contact lenses and contacts case
Face and body lotion (I love HEVL SPF 50 Face Crème, which is free of MI, SLS, parabens and perfumes and costs £19.95 for 50ml. Available exclusively from http://www.skinshop.co.uk/)
Face wash
Hair clip and hair ties hairbrush
Hübner’s Silicea Gastro Intestinal Gel
Hübner’s ImmunPRO Infection Blocker
Kids bubble bath/soap
Lip Balm
Medication (diarrhoea treatment, anti-nausea medication like Gin Gins, paracetamol, antihistamines)
Microfibre travel towel
Sealable plastic bags for toiletries
Shampoo & conditioner
Shower Gel
Small roll-on deodorant.
Tampons and sanitary towels
Vie Recovery patches
Wet wipes



Enter the prize draw to win some family travel essentials!

You could win:

Zap It!

A small handheld piezo device, it generates a harmless (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low, electrical impulse when ‘clicked’ against a bite. These ‘zaps’, created by crystals, work to reduce histamine flow and stimulate capillaries into flushing out toxins, thereby stopping the urge to itch and scratch. Zap-It! can be used on up to 1,000 bites (that would be unlucky) and is available in different colours from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug, and retails from £5.95.

Mosquitan Mosquito Patches

When squeezed these patches last for up to six hours. DEET-free and suitable for all ages, the patches use a patented ‘stick and squeeze’ delivery system to help keep mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay. And because they do not need to be applied to the skin, they provide a natural alternative that’s safe to use for the whole family. They cost £8.95 for 24 patches and are available from www.amazon.co.uk

Gin Gins Super Ginger Caramel

If you suffer from motion sickness when you travel, try a little ginger before you set sail. Working mainly in the digestive tract, ginger helps to boost digestive fluids and neutralise acids, making it an effective alternative to anti-nausea medication without the possible unpleasant side effects. Gin Gins Super Ginger Caramel is the latest addition to The Ginger People’s range of ginger foods and sweets. Delicious and slightly chewy, they are packed with a whopping 30% fresh ginger – a little traveller’s insurance to help make your next trip out the most comfortable yet! Gin Gins Super Ginger Caramel sweets cost £1.65 for a 31g box and are available from health shops nationwide and www.healthy2u.co.uk.

Win a selection of travel health essentials

Giveaway ends on 26th August 2018 at 11:59pm. UK entrants only, please. Good luck!

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