Driving Home For Christmas

When I first moved to the North East as a student, I’d been driving for a year, but I decided not to bring my lovely new car up to Newcastle with me. But, leaving my car at home means I have the following delightful tale to tell you.

I had an amazing Ford Sierra 3-door hatchback, which must’ve been imported because they weren’t made like that in the UK. The gear stick had five gears, but there were actually only four; you could change up to fifth on the gear stick, but it didn’t change the engine revs. The car was a pale blue colour, that reminded me of the chalk you use on the end of snooker cues. It reminded me so much of that, actually, I tried to hardly touch the paint work in case I got dusty!

driving home for christmas

Because I didn’t take my car, I used to have to get the bus across the country to get home, or the TransPennine express. One Christmas, I bundled all my dirty laundry into a giant carrier bag, took it to the bus station and waited for my bus. I had to change buses in Leeds, and as the new driver was loading my luggage on to the bus, he commented, “Must be lots of Christmas presents in here!” Oh. I went pale… and swiftly climbed on board. I’d forgotten the presents for my family! My poor mum; she was getting a load of laundry and not the carefully selected smellies I’d wrapped and left on the floor of my bedroom in halls. Oops.

So after the Christmas festivities at home, my parents drove me back to Newcastle. I nearly didn’t get back in time for my January exams, though, because my dad had to buy a new tyre due to driving over a huge bolt. Nowadays you can order tyres on the Internet and drive to your local depot to have them fitted. For example Point S website has a wide variety of top branded tyres to choose from, and you can make an appointment to get them fitted at your nearest depot. Back then I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that easy and we had to wait for a garage to be open to order the right size and then go back when it had been delivered.

When we arrived at my halls and my parents saw the presents waiting for them, I’m sure they were pleased, even though I had made quite the disturbance to Christmas, and caused them to drive many more miles than they planned to do. It’s a good job they love me, eh?!

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