Don’t Rock the Boat this Summer! Family Game Review

Don’t Rock the Boat this Summer! Family Game Review

We were sent a Don’t Rock The Boat family game by University Games to review. We found it really tricky to play as it’s intended!

It’s a balancing game, in which you have a boat with three masts, and 16 pirate penguins to balance on the deck. You take it in turns to put a penguin on the boat, trying not to rock the boat.

Don’t Rock the Boat game review

dont rock the boat by university games

As you can see in the photo above the boat is balanced on a piece of ‘sea’, but actually the pivot is so small that the boat is very, very rocky indeed! Just one penguin sets the boat spinning or toppling over!


Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrr ye ready to set sail on a rockin’ adventure with a crew of 16 pirate penguins? Take turns balancing the pirate penguins on the ship without making it tip! Be ever so careful, if you rock the boat and send the penguins overboard, ye might have to walk the plank! A fun balancing game for all buccaneers!


Pirate Penguins

The penguins are quite heavy, and as they are pirates they have won the love of both boys immediately.

Pirate penguin on don't rock the boat family game for the summer

Don't rock the boat balancing game

Benefits of playing Don’t Rock the Boat game with children

This game teaches a few things like maths skills – there are 16 penguins, which need to be divided between the players evenly. Of course, as with most games, we have to take turns. And there is a huge element of patience and dogged determination not to give up after the first time of unsuccessful penguin-balancing!

Don’t Rock the Boat game

We have enjoyed this game of Don’t Rock The Boat, but I don’t know if I’d recommend it as a rainy-day game. As an ‘end of the day before bath time’ game, it’s fine, but if you were cooped up, say in a caravan, and only had this game for entertainment, I honestly think there would be a few cross words and upset children as it is VERY difficult to balance the penguins on the boat.


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  1. deepeabee
    July 29, 2016 / 2:18 pm

    Sounds fun! 🙂

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