Did you have a nice sleep?

Every morning when James wakes up (in the actual morning, not during the night) we ask him, “Did you have a nice sleep?” And he usually answers, “yes, I did, thank you”.

Sometimes, he gets a case of the contrary toddlers, and says “no”, then immediately, “oh but I did!”. But actually, he rarely does get a good nights sleep. Occasionally, that’s our fault, and we missed his sleepy cues so put him to bed late. If he goes to bed too late, he gets over tired, and finds it really hard to settle down and actually fall asleep. Then before you know it, he’s woken up again.

 baby asleep 
James very rarely sleeps all the way through. Last July he had an allergic reaction to citrus, and following some tests he was put on daily antihistamines. But the doctors were very careful to ask lots of questions, and we discovered that his not-sleeping-through may actually be due to something else, we don’t know yet what that ‘something else’ may be. 

 toddler asleep chicago 
And so tonight James and Daddy Foote are spending the night in the hospital to try to explore what could be going on. They’ll measure his oxygen levels, breathing, and other stuff during the night, and we’ll see where we are from there. 

Scary and exciting times. Who wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to a boy who could sleep through the night when we work out what’s going on?! 



  1. August 31, 2015 / 8:52 am

    Oh bless him. Gorgeous photos, there is nothing cuter than a sleepy child! Best of luck with the hospital, I really hope they sort things out for you or at least rule out any problems.x

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