Get the World Ready for a Toddler

Get the World Ready for a Toddler

Having a toddler is an absolutely terrifying thing. My heart is in my mouth as Noah waddles around the rooms, over to the fireplace with the huge brass trim, wobbles, then bumbles along to the table, its legs with all sharp, hard edges.

He wibbles through the living room, arms outstretched, laughing because he’s walking, and then being distracted by something and crashing on his bum. It’s a good job we use cloth nappies – his bottom is a lot more padded than it would be in disposables!

Seriously, I have begun to question if everything is alright with him, because he is so clumsy and doddery. The health visitor told me that with him being a later walker than James was, he’ll be more confident on his feet and hardly fall down. Ha! The exact opposite is true!

The poor kid has more bumps than I care to tell you about. Suddenly, after taking half a dozen confident-looking steps, out of nowhere he’ll trip and bash his head. Or he’ll pull a drawer open into his chin in the museum.

But after a quick scream of frustration and pain, he settles down again after a cuddle, and off he trundles again; too much world to explore to sit feeling sorry for himself.

As a mum I have tried hard to Get The World Ready by cleaning everywhere I can in the house. If I can’t move all the hard surfaces, I can at least make sure they’re germ-free by using Dettol wipes or spray. I can pick Noah up after all his tumbles and we sing a song to calm him down before he wriggles away to discover more about the world.

Get the world ready for a toddler

Through the bumps and bruises, a heartfelt bond continues to develop, so we can take on the world, together. Though I have to admit, I could cope with less bruises, thank you Noah.

This is a collaborative post, with the video provided by Dettol.


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