Christmas in Florida

Christmas in Florida

When James was five months old we went to Florida for a month. Our first stop on our tour of the state was the Space Coast.

We stayed in an hotel in Titusville, just down the road from a town named Christmas.

best western titusville florida space coast

We read that the streets were named after a Christmas theme, and drove around for a while, happy to hear the sat nav tell us to “take a left down Candy Cane” and “Continue along Santa Way”. It’s the little things…

santa christmas floridaThe town was named after a Fort that was established on 25 December 1837, in the Second Seminole War. The Fort was only in service until March the next year, but there is now an Historical Park, where you can visit the Fort and a Cracker house, along with other buildings in the reconstructed town.

After our tour of the Park (exit via the gift shop – special presents purchased!), we drove round to the post office. Yes, we were those tourists slowing down the queue for regular Americans to get on with their day in the post office! We waited to buy stamps so we could send a postcard to Rob’s mam, so there’d be the Christmas, FL post mark.

Christmas Florida Post Office
It is just a regular post office, with one or two concessions to the name!
post box letters to Santa only Christmas Florida

This tree in the town is a permanent fixture, and is the “symbol of love and good will and the Christmas Spirit every day in the year”.
christmas tree permanent in florida

It’s not every year you can say you wore shorts at Christmas!
wearing shorts at christmas florida

We visited a really lovely gift shop in Christmas, Florida, and bought some little ornaments for our tree at home. space coast florida christmas tree ornament

Such a fun place to visit, and just a short drive away from the main Space Coast attractions so definitely worth a stop if you are in the area, not least for the huge array of fantastic Christmas decorations!

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