Chemist Direct – a review

Chemist Direct – a review

A couple of weeks ago we booked our next holiday. Soon we’ll be headed to the sunshine of Egypt, where we’ll hopefully go diving as well as spending time with our friends.

I’ve started to consider what we’ll need to take on our holidays, and this being our first sunny holiday for a while, we will need different things than we took to Chicago and Washington back in March.

I was invited to try the website Chemist Direct, which offers prescription and non-prescription items. So, I decided to stock up on travel items for our up-coming hols.

The website is easy to negotiate with different sections such as Toiletries, Pet Health and the Travel Shop for holiday essentials, all clearly signposted. They offer ‘top brands and products at competitive prices’.

chemist direct travel shop

Easy to find travel shop section

As I moved around the site I noticed the branded products I’m familiar with, as well as a few names I hadn’t heard of before. Seeing as how we are headed to Egypt, I did have a look at the pro-biotics, but my parents convinced me that there wasn’t any evidence that those would work for avoiding the somewhat inevitable toilet troubles in Egypt. Have pro-biotics worked for you?

I also saw this product, which I hope never to need! Can you imagine being so prepared for any eventuality that you pack these in your holiday first aid kit. Actually… Rob does love a good first aid kit for on his hols, but fortunately he’s never gone so far as to need Toofypegs while we’ve been away!

chemist direct toofypegs travel shop

I hope no-one ever needs this on holiday!

However, I did order some toiletries for our trip, including sun cream for James. I read recently about how once you’ve opened sun cream you’ve only got 12 months to use it, and I’m sure we’ve not had that much sunshine in the past year that our bottles are still in date. I added some gorgeous-smelling Hawaiian Tropic factor 30 to my basket and moved on to the toiletries section.

I’m a big believer in the power of smell, and like to have a distinctive or new fragrance for a holiday. With feeding Noah, I needed to be a bit more subtle for our next trip and went for a ‘flavour’ of Dove body wash I’ve never used before. I chucked some shampoo for James in the basket too. I think that when you have a fragrance on holiday, when you smell it in the future it reminds you of your lovely time away.

chemist direct dove body wash

I do like a lovely smell to remind me of holiday!

A couple of tubes of toothpaste went into the basket next. And then a bottle of Jungle Formula (just in case – we know from experience that not all Egyptian hotels fog for mosquitoes!) and I was done.

I placed this order on Friday morning, and was really pleasantly surprised to have it delivered on Saturday morning!
I really wasn’t expecting that, especially because standard delivery is 1-5 working days. (Monday to Friday, excluding weekend and bank holidays). The parcel was really well packaged, without being over the top. However, I soon noticed I hadn’t received any of the Hawaiian Tropic sun cream I’d ordered. I tried to phone the office using the number on the packing slip, but it just rang and rang.

So I called again on Monday, and was told that the Hawaiian Tropic I’d ordered was actually out of stock when the order was picked on Friday. I was told I’d been refunded and if I wanted to reorder the product, it was back in stock. I’d much rather have had an acknowledgement in the parcel that an item was missing, and communication as to when it was due back in stock. Then I could’ve chosen a refund or to wait for the item at a later date. In this case, if the parcel had been put together on the Monday I’d have had everything I wanted on Tuesday or Wednesday and still have hit Chemist Direct’s target of 1-5 working days. I did receive a refund, of £1.84. Please do let me know if you happen to find three bottles of Hawaiian Tropic anywhere for that price.

All in all, this is a well put together website, with easily negotiated sections for quick browsing. Delivery was super fast, and the products were packaged well. It’s a shame I didn’t get everything I ordered, and the communication regarding this was a let down.

If you’d like £5 off your next Chemist Direct order, enter the name Helena Blakemore in the “Referred by a friend?” box at checkout, or click here. I’ll get £5 off my next order too, thanks! You can follow @ChemistDirect on Twitter, too, for the latest offers and information on staying healthy.

All images from the Chemist Direct website. I was compensated for providing this review, but all thoughts and experiences are my own.


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