Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment review

Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment review

Apologies in advance; this blog post isn’t going to be the prettiest. Since I fell pregnant with James, my feet have fallen foul of what I un-affectionately term “The Grot”. I was sent some Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment to try. It claims to clear up the fungus within 2-3 weeks. Here’s how I got on

Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Review

Here’s how I was feeling while 7 months pregnant:

pregnant and angry with an itchy foot and manky toes

And things didn’t really improve thereafter. I went to whinge to the GP and he said there was nothing to be done until I’d finished being pregnant and breastfeeding. Well, I didn’t really do very well at stopping either of those things because as soon as James started self weaning, I fell pregnant again. My poor feet didn’t like that very much and punished me by keeping the fungal nail issue and going for full on athletes foot as well. Oh joy.

Treating fungal nails with Canespro

So what’s to be done? Well, the lovely folk at Cansepro sent me some of their fungal nail treatment. It’s a mixture of urea, cera alba, lanolin, paraffin and silica. The lanolin serves to make it really thick and stay on your nail better than the other fungal nail treatments that you paint on.
canespro fungal nail treatment kit

How to treat fungal nails with Canespro

The kit contains almost everything you need to treat your fungal nail. You’ll need to buy an additional tube of antifungal cream to use for 2-3 weeks after you’ve finished the Canespro fungal nail treatment.
The box contains the cream, shaped plasters, and a scraper. There are enough plasters for 22 days of treating a big toe or two small toes. If you are treating two small toes, like me, then here’s a top tip – cut all the plasters in two as soon as you open the box. Then you won’t be scrabbling around for scissors every morning.

You need to soak your feet for at least 10 minutes before scraping them with the tool provided. I did my scraping every day after my shower. I’m not sure I was in there for 10 minutes but the idea is to get your nails soft, so I put the plug in the bath while I had my shower!

Then you scrape the fungal infected part of the nail off while it’s soft. Squeeze a thin layer of cream over the nails and then stick a plaster on. The plaster, I found, was the trickiest part. They just wouldn’t stop on, or were very scratchy. After a few days I realised that a small length of washi tape would hold the plaster in place.

The plaster stays on for 24 hours and then you repeat the process.

Before treatment

Here’s a gorgeous photo of my lovely toes before I started the treatment.
fungal nail treatment day 0

Wearing plasters on my toes didn’t stop me from wearing sandals. I’ve hidden my fungal nails under nail varnish for ages, and it’s apparently not a great thing to do. It traps the fungus and provides a damp environment for it to grow.

One week in

I was feeling so positive about the chance of getting rid of my nail fungus after just one week of using the Canespro treatment.
I had tried the paint in the past, and even though it was prescribed by the GP I hadn’t seen any great improvement at all. I’ve also tried Vicks, and tee tree oil. However, after using the Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment for just a week, I think you can see that the nails are becoming thinner even after this short time.
canespro fungal nail treatment before after photos

After 2 weeks

canespro fungal nail treatment
About half way through the second week, while picking at my nails with the tool, something strange showed itself under my littlest toe nail. It looks like a blood blister or something. I couldn’t get at it as there was a stubborn piece of nail over the top, but you can see this little black blob. I think it will just grow through up my nail as it renews.

After 3 weeks

My second-from-the-end toe (ring toe? fourth toe?) looks much better. It began to hurt during the day on the Wednesday, and when I took the plaster off when I got home, the majority of the nail sort of lifted with it. I’ve trimmed it as much as I can and it looks so much better. The photo isn’t really doing it justice; it feels like it’s cleared the fungus.
fungal nail treatment day 20

So, overall, the Canespro Fungal Nail treatment was easy to use. I thought it would be a bit of a drag to wear plasters every day, and it was, but there was a point to it. Has it done its job? Well, only time will tell if I get healthy nail growing through where I did have grotty toenails. But I feel like this has done the most effective treatment of my fungal nails than anything else I’ve tried.

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