Candle making kit by Northumbrian Candleworks – review

Candle making kit by Northumbrian Candleworks – review

I was sent a candle making kit by Northumbrian Candleworks for the purposes of this review. It would make a really lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

When I was little, growing up in Cheshire, we went on a few school trips to the Candle Making factory near to Beeston Castle. We used to huddle in a little hut and take turns dipping our candles in pots of molten wax, and watch how they shaped them into curls of different colours. Back then our appreciation for candles was limited to how many colours we’d managed to layer up, and whether or not we’d included our fingers in the wax dip.

I was really pleased to find local North Eastern business Northumbrian Candleworks. Not because they have a little hut to dip candles in, but because they have a huge range of brilliant soy candles and candle making kits. My tastes have changed since my schooldays!

candle making kit northumbrian candleworks

I was sent a candle making kit for the purposes of this review.

First things first, if I can pass on anything I learned from my experience of the candle making kit, it’s that you must read the instructions all the way through before you begin to follow them.

candle making kit by northumbrian candleworks review

I was sent a Mediterranean Fig kit, and it is packaged in a brown bag. Inside is everything you need, and nothing you don’t need, like extra packaging, for example. You do need a few extra things you’ll have already.
You will need two pans, a jug that either isn’t porous or you don’t mind becoming a craft jug (I used a Pyrex jug), a spoon you don’t mind if it becomes a craft spoon (they suggest wooden spoon), and a heat resistant surface.

It’s really easy to make the candles. I sat the boys in front of Messy goes to Okido and had finished, including lots of clean up by the time it was over. I’m at risk of repeating the excellent instructions, so I’ll say that there isn’t really a tricky moment if you read it all through before you begin. One thing I just expected was that there would be just enough wax to make the two candles. I wasn’t really paying attention as I poured the liquid wax into the tin. You’re supposed to pour it only to the line inside, which I had carefully done with the first tin, and the second I just expected what was left to fit. I soon had a side covered in wax because obviously they were a tiny bit generous filling the bag!

northumbrian candleworks candle making kit tin without label
The wax is soy and biodegradable. It was astonishingly easy to clean up. I expected to almost wish I could throw the sideboard away, and anything else the wax touched, but it wiped up quickly without leaving any trace. This is like a revolution!!

More gift ideas for Mother’s Day, all from businesses here in the North East!

northumbrian candleworks candle making kit tin

The giveaway below has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered!
I have teamed up with Northumbrian Candleworks to give away a candle-making kit to one lucky reader. These would make a perfect Mother’s Day treat! To be in with a chance of winning this pretty fab prize just complete one or more entries on the Gleam widget below. Ends on 5th March 2017. Good luck!

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