Butterfly Twists – shoes to suit an active lifestyle

Butterfly Twists – shoes to suit an active lifestyle

I was sent a pair of Butterfly Twists Jade in Zebra print for the purposes of this review. They are very comfortable flat pumps, for busy women who need an alternative to the trainer.

For reasons I won’t go into too much here, at work I have been walking much more than usual during my day. Normally I arrive at my desk at 7:45 and pretty much do not move until lunchtime. I go for a little walk then settle back down until it’s time to go home; total contrast to my days off! However, we currently have HMI Ofsted in and those inspectors need to be shown to their meetings because our building has some pretty silly room numbering system in place. So, long story short, I have walked about 5 miles each day in our building alone! And so I was very happy when I was sent a pair of Butterfly Twists Jade shoes because these little beauties have a memory foam sole, which makes my feet very happy indeed. butterfly twists jade shoe reviewWith the white sole they are not the most professional looking shoe, but you can dress them up, or wear them as an alternative to your trainers. All the Butterfly Twists ballet pumps have the memory foam sole and there are some office-friendly shoes; have a look at the Amber or the Jaime, for examples.

The shoes I have are Jade, which are skater-style slip on shoes. They come in a sliding shoe box, with a drawstring bag for storage. I wear a size 40, which Butterfly Twists list as a UK size 7. I’d say they will be too small for you if you usually wear a 7, because most other places say a 7 is a 41.
memory foam sole butterfly twists jade zebra reviewI like the little details like the metal butterfly on the back of each shoe, and the sole being non-slip gives me a bit of confidence dashing about, especially in a shopping centre, as they often have shiny floors. I haven’t worn them out and about with the boys yet – they are a bit too beautiful to get muddy in playgrounds. As the weather warms up I will be very happy to wear my Butterfly Twists instead of my usual pumps!

These are premium pony hair with a zebra print, and the lining of the upper is a micro-suede, so my feet will breathe through the day.
butterfly twists flat shoes review
I am so glad to have been able to try these Butterfly Twists shoes; they are comfortable, good looking shoes, and have the feeling that they’ll last and last. I can imagine they will be invaluable on a city tour, when you don’t want to look like a total tourist but need comfortable footwear to be able to walk for miles.


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