Bump at 38.5 weeks

Bump at 38.5 weeks

bump 38+3 weeks

I’ve got the worst bad back; I can hardly walk, but I know that walking regularly will make it better (somehow). I’m torn between using a hot water bottle to ease the pain, and knowing that ice will make it better (somehow). I’m quite happy being pregnant, and feeling this little guy wriggle in my belly, but I know that it’s got to end fairly soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my first ever day of no James in the house while I’m off work. I keep walking past the stair gate and see it’s open, go to close it, and think, “oh! I don’t need to close it!”, which is very strange. I also had my first audience-free bath this morning. Rob was still in bed after I’d dropped James at nursery, and I thought I’d take advantage of the free time to relax and read my book.

I’ve taken all the net curtains down and I’m washing them at the moment. I’ve cleaned all the windows. I’ve sewn the curtains for our bay window together (we usually have four curtains as I had to buy two packs to cover the width of the window), and I’m supposed to be hemming them. I’m slightly scared that I need to cut off 90cm of fabric from the bottom of each curtain, and worry that they won’t be straight, so I’ve kind of delayed that task… until when, I know not!!


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