BRIO World Airplane Review

BRIO World Airplane Review

We were sent the BRIO World Airplane so that I could write this review. The Brio World Airplane will link well with other items from Brio World collections, but can also be played with independently. Noah absolutely loves this aeroplane and it has been on quite a few adventures!

boy with brio airplane toy

brio airplane with suitcase, pilot and passenger outside plane. The plane has stairs and a roof that opens.

The BRIO Airplane comes with a pilot, a passenger, one suitcase, a mobile stairway and a blue aeroplane. The plane is made of wood and plastic. It’s a matt plastic on top, with a smooth wood undercarriage. It feels very nice to touch and hold as you zoom it around the air. The roof is on a hinge so that you can sit the passenger and pilot inside easily.  

brio world airplane baggage handler passenger on stairs

The plane is a three-seater, so you can either use that extra space for the suitcase, or you can take another BRIO character on the adventure with you. Noah decided to jettison the baggage and take an extra passenger. He took the BRIO World Airplane with him where ever he went to for several days, including around the National Museum of Flight, where we were able to see (and board) Concorde.


Read about our brilliant day out at the National Museum of Flight!

The BRIO World Airplane can be played with alone or with other models in the BRIO World. Noah played with the BRIO World Airport Baggage Cart with this aeroplane, but he was just as happy to play with the plane alone. While we were playing with the Baggage Cart, we noticed that the suitcase that comes in the Airplane set has two holes in the base so that it goes on the dollies.

As with most BRIO toys, the plane has magnets on the wheels, as does the stairway. To make sure the people can climb into the aircraft safely, you need to connect the magnets on the aeroplane and stairs to stop it from moving freely.

Brio aeroplane stairs suitcase

This is a really lovely toy from BRIO. Noah has had hours of play and no doubt will have many more.


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