BRIO Police Station [REVIEW]

BRIO Police Station [REVIEW]

We were sent the BRIO Police Station for the purposes of this review. It makes a great gift for children aged 3+.

BRIO Police Station review

The BRIO police station comes with two people – a bad guy and a police officer, a police car/train that has lights and sounds, the police station building (already built!) and two pieces of gray plastic road track.

The BRIO police station is fully compatible with other wooden tracks. We have lots of BRIO but some from the supermarket. It all fits together and the only restriction to town planning is space!

The BRIO figure of 8 track works really well with this toy – read our review here

BRIO Police station from the side

brio police station with police car on track at front

Police station toy

I thought the BRIO police station was really well made, and I love the fact you don’t have to spend time on fitting fiddly batteries or screwing parts together. It is ready to play right out of the box. The police vehicle already has batteries inside, which was a relief!

Prisoner on bed upstairs in brio police stations

Side of brio police station with lift to jail

After a few days of playing with the BRIO Police Station, Noah made the discovery that the lift at the side of the police station goes up and down. He would go out and catch the bad guy, then drive him to the lift, where the bad guy was put in the slammer after making the lift go up to the next floor.

At least there was a bed in the jail for the guy to relax on while considering his actions!

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boy playing with brio police station

two boys playing with Brio track and police station

The other thing that I loved about the BRIO Police Station was that the imaginative play pulled in my eldest child, 6, who doesn’t usually like small world play quite as much as my 3-year-old. He really enjoyed driving the police van with the sirens on to the task around the track. He also built some pretty fancy track, which Noah doesn’t always manage alone.

Brio police car on wooden track with fire engine train in background

The new BRIO police station, is a fun and exciting police toy for kids! It works well in a town set up with the BRIO Fire Station, or else alone with other vehicles. We think it’s perfect for children aged 3 and above.



  1. October 17, 2018 / 8:06 pm

    We have quite a few Brio sets now and little J loves them. They are such great quality.

  2. October 18, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    I didn’t know BRIO did these extra bits, I thought it was all the wooden brown stuff for the tracks, will have to check these out as my son loves brimming his cars around the tracks.

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