BRIO Fire Station [REVIEW]

BRIO Fire Station [REVIEW]

We were sent this awesome BRIO Fire Station for the purposes of this review. We have absolutely loved the imaginative play the fire station has encouraged.

I work full time, and when I arrived home from work one evening, Noah shouted, “Mummy’s home! Mummy! You’ve got a parcel and there’s a fire station inside!” Excitement levels were through the roof, however, it was a pretty easy bedtime that night. I asked him if he wanted to play with the BRIO Fire Station when he got home from nursery the next day, and of course, he did want to. So he fell asleep relatively quickly, presumably dreaming about fire and rescue missions.

While he was at nursery, after I’d finished my work, I set up the BRIO Fire Station out of the box. It was a really easy construction: simply take everything from the box and clip the road and rail sections on the bottom. The spiral slide attaches to the main body of the fire station very quickly.

What’s in the box?

what's in the box BRIO fire station

The BRIO Fire Station box contains a fire station, a section of rail track, a section of road, a slide, a piece of fire, two fire fighters, a chainsaw, two suitcases of “hose”, and a fire engine with detatchable trailer that carries the hose.

We’ve got other BRIO sets, and this set fits with them perfectly, as you might expect.

putting out the fire in the BRIO trees fire engine toy

When James and Noah arrived home to see the train track set up, they were so thrilled. Invitations to play are so much fun to set up and even more, fun to come home to!

The little BRIO men were quickly dispatched to put out fires on the track, in the trees, and even in the trains! The hose on the trailer unravels, and the nozzle end clips into the BRIO men’s hands. They stand up independently, so can put out fires well. There is a button on the top of the fire engine which sounds the siren and causes the lights to flash.

So much fun, and of course many more play times since!

The Brio Fire Station (RRP £64.99) is part of the new BRIO World selection and is available via BRIO and on Amazon.

brio fire station review



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