Brio Airport Baggage Cart

Brio Airport Baggage Cart

We were sent the Brio Airport Baggage Cart for this review. The Brio Airport Baggage Cart will link well with other items from Brio World collections, but can also be played with independently.

The Brio Airport Baggage Cart comes with a member of airport ground staff, two suitcases, two baggage dollies and the cart (or tug). The baggage dollies come in two parts each – a base with wheels and the sides of the dolly that will keep the suitcase contained. Dolly is the correct name for a trailer, according to this Wikipedia article on airport ground support equipment. As with most Brio World vehicles, they connect with magnets. The Brio World Airport Baggage Cart is part of the Brio World Transport colllection.

Normally I would baulk at the plastic in the packaging of this Brio Airport Baggage Cart. It keeps all the items secure inside the box, but wouldn’t a (recycleable) paper bag be sufficient? However, Noah has enjoyed sliding the plastic tray out of the box, taking the pieces out, playing with the baggage cart, and then tidying it away into the tray and box when he’s finished playing. I’m not sure why he’s playing with this model in a different way to the other Brio World items we’ve got, but this one is not to be mixed with the rest, yet! The base of the dollies are wood, but the rest of the set is all plastic.

The baggage handler figure is plastic and bends at the waist to sit, and you can lift or lower the arms independently as needed.

Children can play with the Brio Airport Baggage Cart with Brio railway or road, or simply on the carpet or table. If you want to interrupt imaginative play you can ask your children to count the cart, dollies, suitcases, etc. Noah has enjoyed playing with this model to drive the suitcases on holiday. He chats to the baggage handler, and the baggage handler talks to the Brio Policeman about their planned time away, rather like a taxi driver on the way to the airport.

brio world airport baggage cart

Noah hasn’t introduced an aeroplane to his play yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!

The Brio World Airport Baggage Cart retails at around £16.99 and would be a good addition to a collection of airport Brio toys or as a starter vehicle for a transport-enthusiast toddler.

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  1. February 5, 2019 / 8:04 am

    Good review and I like the photos! Glad that Noah enjoyed playing with it.

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