Bribery for good behaviour

Bribery for good behaviour

How are the summer holidays going for you? We just came back from our trip to Ireland, where our bribery box has been a lifesaver! Do you have a bribery bag? I thoroughly recommend one if you don’t, and at the end of this post, you can enter to win some items to top up your bag or start a new one. The bribes encourage good behaviour or reward great decisions. For example, if the kids are going a bit crazy, you can remind them of the bag, and ta-da! instantly slightly better-behaved children! If they don’t want to leave a party, you can hiss, “you can pick something out of the box if you leave without causing a scene”! Noah was very brave yesterday after he fell and cut his thumb, so Rob dug something out of the bag to reward him after cleaning it up and sticking a plaster on.

What’s in your bribery bag?

We try to keep a mix of low-value, high-excitement items. Dig around in the reduced sections in supermarkets and stores like Home Bargains or B&M. Blind bag toys, colourfully shaped erasers, pencils with cute toppers, and little superhero figures are currently in ours.

Does it matter how you praise your toddlers?

We also have a few craft bags – I take the instructions and parts from Weekend Box Clubs and drop those in the bag. These are especially good because they reward the child and give them something creative to do!

Get your first Weekend Box Club for free!

Surely the kids don’t call it a bribery bag?

Our bribery bag is called (by everyone) the “banana bag”, as it is from the goody bag I got at the end of Blog On a couple of years ago. It is full of little toys, blind bags, stickers, books, bags of sweets, etc.

Just to give you some ideas, this is what’s in ours. We are running low on stickers just now (I bought some lovely stickers but they all peeled off in the bag to much sadness).

A good tip: go to Wilkos and find their clearance shelf! We found a load of colouring books for just 10p each and the Shimmer and Shine bubble camera was 25p! During the after Christmas sale, we grabbed a load of the Swizzels tubs, so we have a big store of lollypops and other sweets. Blind bags always go down a treat, as do the sticky ninja men who fall down walls.

Healthy treats

I don’t feel even slightly guilty about this, but I have taken advantage of the fact my kids couldn’t read and named yoghurt-covered raisins “sweeties”. They love them, and I drop packets of those and other Fruit Bowl goodies into our bribery bag.

Recently we’ve been able to try these flavour-filled edible bubbles – Popaball – which was great for a group reward on our holiday. All three kids experienced the strawberry bubbles on top of their ice cream!

Make your own ice cream in a bag!

And my personal favourite (I reward myself with these when I’ve achieved my goals!) Emily Crisps! I love these, my boys love them, and I am sure you will either add them to your snack box or bribery bag. They’re delicious fruit and vegetable crisps, such as Crunchy Fig Banana, or Crunchy French Bean, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamame. So yummy, they’re worth being good for!

You know I think this could be a business idea. Someone should sell pre-filled bribery boxes. And I should have a bribery box of my own – maybe then I would get more stuff done?


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