Breastfeeding baby #2

Breastfeeding baby #2

I breastfed James exclusively until he was six months old, then introduced normal food supplemented by my milk until he was 18 months. He was ready to stop, and so was I. No big deal.
When James was first born he latched on like a dream – he knew exactly what to do, and we had no problems feeding at all.

Oh my goodness.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

Noah has been a different kettle of fish all together.

One week in, and I have mastitis and Noah has some particular demands as to how he will take his milk.
• He would like me to sit up. Preferably leaning over him so my back is as uncomfortable as possible.
• He would like the light on.
• He would like to have as shallow a latch as possible, and if I manage to get a good latch at the start of the feed, he spits a bit out so its shallow again.


• If his latch is terrible and causing pain, I take him off completely. Noah then purses his lips and pretty much declares that he didn’t want it anyway. He has been known to suck his thumb until he falls back to sleep at this point, only to wake a while later absolutely starving.
• He really prefers the right side. Mastitis in the left side has possibly made my milk more salty, but really, he’s had a preference since birth.

So, one week old Noah is a bit of a monkey. But amazingly, he had gained 30g since birth at his 5-day check. He’s not had a drop of formula, but I do see now why people give up breastfeeding. I was blessed with James!


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