Birthday gift ideas – and not a toy in sight!

Birthday gift ideas – and not a toy in sight!

Have your little ones got a birthday coming up? A nephew, niece or younger cousin? Regardless of who is celebrating another year, it can oh so difficult to know what to treat them to. Especially if they’re a little young for a bottle of wine or a clothes voucher.

Kids are given so many toys, it can be difficult to keep up with what they have and what they don’t have. And if everyone else is giving them toys, then yours could easily become a part of the carpet and essentially a waste of money. So, what’s the solution? Well, read on for 5 birthday gift ideas for little ones that aren’t toys – but they’ll love just as much!

Something for their future

How about something that invests in their future? Something that gains value over time and that they’ll appreciate even more when they’re older? From gold and silver coins from Golden Eagle Coin, to an ISA, savings account or children’s bonds. There are plenty of interesting ways you can invest in their future for them. And it’s a great way to show that you really care about them and their future.


Who says learning can’t be fun? With gifting them classes, you can encourage them at what they’re already good at or help them find a new talent, hobby or interest. From swimming to horse riding, a creative writing class, sewing, art, dancing and acting, even athletics or cookery. You could help them reach their full potential. Just remember to book the classes BEFORE you give them, sometimes it’s all too easy to forget about these things if you promise them in the future!


We all have our favourite family days out. Even from our own childhoods! So, why not give the gift of a years membership? A theme park, petting zoo, swimming pool, outdoor/indoor activity centre, zoo or something else – there’s no better gift then making memories together. It’ll certainly pay for itself if you use it regularly.

Dressing up clothes

We all loved dressing up as a kid! And if you want to keep that tradition alive, then opt for real dressing up clothes and avoid the cheap plastic kind you can buy at toy shops. We’re talking old dresses, scarves, feather boas, necklaces, old handbags and shoes, sunglasses, fans, hats, aprons, even old party dresses or dinner dresses. Head to a charity shop and see what you can find, it’ll be super cheap, and you’ll be donating to charity.

A musical instrument

Giving the gift of music is a wonderful thing to do – just ask the parents’ permission first! They might not be ready for their eight year old to be practising the drums at 5am…Gifting the opportunity to make their own music is good for their creativity and their coordination. It’ll really boost their confidence and give them a sense of their individuality. You could start small with some maracas or take it up a gear with a keyboard or guitar.

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