How to store children’s artwork – Big Art Cloud – review

How to store children’s artwork – Big Art Cloud – review

What do you do with your child’s art work? All those paintings from nursery and carefully hand-crafted works of art from preschool have got to go somewhere – but where?

Well, wonder no longer. Stop clipping them to the fridge or filing them under “B”.

Now there’s a fantastic solution: Big Art Cloud.

We were provided with a trial book and cloud gallery for the purposes of this post.

Big Art Cloud

Big Art Cloud is a really simple service with a big effect. When you sign up they send you 12 big pizza-style boxes. You fill a box each month with all your pictures, paintings, and flat creations. When you’ve gathered enough (20-30) you pop the sticker on the outside of the box and take it to a Post Office Counter. The price of the postage is included in the subscription fee.

Cloud gallery

Then you sit back and wait.
cloud gallery big art cloud
When Big Art Cloud have processed your art work, they send you a link via email to your cloud gallery. Here you can see your creations and can share them with the world! You can also request prints, if you’d like, or even a bag or t-shirt with the piece you like printed on. These extras cost more money, however – as an example a tote bag costs £15.
how to store children's artwork

Hardbacked book of your child’s paintings

The hardbacked book from Big Art Cloud is a really good quality book. The pages are thick and it feels like a really good way to store the artwork James has created, without covering the fridge or walls. The book is a little bigger than A4.
big art cloud hardbacked book full of children's artwork

Monthly uplift of children’s artwork

The subscriptions costs £9.99 for up to 20 pictures, and £11.99 for up to 30. If you have two children it only costs £15.99 for two sets of 30 pictures. I think this is really good value. It would make a brilliant gift for a grandparent, because not only would it reduce the number of paintings in your own home, but it would let relatives see the fabulous creations your children produce each month. Alternatively, if you’re a think-ahead type of person, you could be making a book for your child to look back on when they’re a grown-up!

One month free trial

If you want to try out the service for free, then you can sign up to any of the subscriptions. They’ll send you a box for you to return full of lovely art creations. Your gallery will be online in a few days. If you don’t like it then they’ll return all your pictures and you’ll have spent nothing. Otherwise they’ll go ahead and make your hardbacked book, and you’ll be charged.

How do you store your child’s artwork? I think this is a really good value way of clearing the fridge door once and for all!


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  1. August 6, 2017 / 8:10 pm

    This is a lovely idea. We scan and keep all of Eli’s on a hard drive but I can’t imagine we’d ever do anything with it

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