Outsourcing my to do list with Bidvine

Outsourcing my to do list with Bidvine

At Christmas time I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a To Do list as long as my arm. Finding gifts, cleaning the house, putting up decorations, and more, on top of everything else I normally do… It all gets a bit too much. So I was pleased to discover the website Bidvine, where you can easily find the answers to lots of your needs all in one place. Outsourcing my To Do list is really easy!

The Bidvine website is designed to link local services with those who need them. It is an easy site to navigate. If you know what you want then you begin typing in the search bar, until a drop down menu offers you options to match your search. For example, if you type pho, the menu offers ideas to complete the word.
bidvine search for professionals in your area
Alternatively, you can browse the suggestions offered below the search bar, in the Popular Projects section. I was attracted by the domestic cleaners and instantly clicked on that (I’m fantasising that if someone else cleans the house it might stay that way for a bit longer).

popular projects bidvine
The next few options are really easy to navigate on the Bidvine website. Multiple choice questions are simple to answer, and help to narrow down the service you’d like. For example, if you’re searching for Domestic Cleaners then you answer multiple-choice questions about your house, frequency of service, and other simple things like whether or not you have pets, and so on.

bidvine domestic cleaners in your area

There is one final step in order to complete the process – joining Bidvine – which you need to provide your name, email address, and, optionally, your telephone number. Then you sit back and let the quotes come to you. No more ringing around or searching the internet for services in your area.
bidvine account creation screen

Immediately Bidvine will hustle to get me a quote from at least one qualified professional. They also promise to get a custom quote by Friday afternoon.

Next, I will be able to compare and review the quotes, call the professionals directly or message them through Bidvine if I wanted more information. The quotes I received were personal to me and a reflection of the information I already entered into the website. I expected to have to explain everything again, but the level of professionals registered with Bidvine seems to be high.

Bidvine is a really simple service to find and connect professionals with customers. After you’ve found the service, the contract with Bidvine ends for both parties. You don’t pay through Bidvine or anything like that.

I think the site is user-friendly. Finding a service using Bidvine is easy.

What’s on your To Do list that you can outsource using a service like Bidvine?


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