Coastal decor ideas with inspiration from our holiday in Brittany

Coastal decor ideas with inspiration from our holiday in Brittany

Do you have a theme to your room? It can seem quite tricky to take a room full of furniture, accents, and accessories and make it look like it all belongs together. Some people seem to have the knack, don’t they! One fab example we saw was our holiday house in Brittany – check out these coastal motifs that really pulled the whole look of the house together.

Coastal decor ideas with inspiration from our holiday in Brittany

The house we stayed in during our holiday in Brittany definitely had a theme. It was coastal all the way!
Tying a room, or in this case, a house together doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money. In most cases, if you already like the theme, the chances are that you already own things that will work; you will need to gather them and display them. You can add one or two new items that will make the room “pop.”

Coastal chic

The major draw to Brittany is the gorgeous shorelines. We made sure to go to the beach at least once per day! It’s no wonder relaxed coastal style fit so well into the house. It creates a carefree and serene vibe. By using cool colours, well-worn natural textures, and seaside motifs you can create a fresh, relaxed look that will make every day feel like a summer holiday.

Build up the look

Start with the right backdrop. Find the wall colour you like, whether that’s stark, whiter-than-white, a cream-based shade or a grey-based stormy tone. Bear in mind the functionality of the room and who lives there – you don’t want sticky toddler fingers on your chalk white wall! Build the look from there. Use plenty of other natural colours such as whites, greys, misty greens, sea blues, sand and driftwood browns.

Find the right furniture

Keep the look fresh yet laid-back with white-painted or weathered-wood furniture. This is where you won’t mind too much about your toddler driving cars on the table because the theme suits furniture that is more beaten the better. Fill the room with texture, panelling, baskets, woven rugs and knitted throws or cushions to help to soften the simple white or grey palette. The right choice of coffee-table books can help to carry that theme through in a simple way. A full-length mirror, like these from Cox and Cox will help to brighten the room. Select a frame to match the coastal theme; a light grey or storm-beaten wood frame.

Use what you have

Using items that you have collected — through your travels, as family heirlooms or items that you just love — is the perfect way to tie a coastal-themed room together. Choose a few key beach themed- items that suit the room best, paying attention to size, colour and theme. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; if you love another colour then weave that through, too. You want to enjoy living in your space!

Finally, embrace the holiday vibe with plenty of coastal-inspired accessories, such as nautical-motif cushions and storm lanterns, and enhance your room’s character with driftwood-look wood.

Coastal style has a timeless look that can be easily adapted to suit your own tastes. You could be creating a contemporary Greek island look with bright blues, or trying out vintage bedroom ideas with antique finds. Natural sun-bleached simplicity teamed with stripes is always a winner, and we loved the simple beach-themed house in Brittany for a bit of bright and breezy inspiration.



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