Water baby

Water baby

This morning, James woke up and straight away said, “I see my baby brother?” He gave him a cuddle and felt Noah’s hands. Declaring them to be cold, James tried his best to put a blanket over Noah to get him warm.

James has gone to nursery today, while Rob is at work, and so Noah and I have the house to ourselves. Of course we have jobs to do, but it was nice to have some quiet time in the bath.

Noah just had a bath; his second, but the first time I’ve bathed him alone.

He slept all the way through, and through the moisturising massage I gave him afterwards.

noah asleep in a towel

Oh, my goodness, I love these little moments! Now I’m not sure what to do after my amazing achievement of bathing him without waking him. I’m sure if I make a coffee he’ll wake. Just watching him sleep is the best tactic here!


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