Bambo Nature eco-nappy review

Bambo Nature eco-nappy review

The Conscious Parent sent us some environmentally friendly nappies to try recently. We usually use washable nappies during the day and disposables at night time, but these Bambo Nature Eco-nappies came in a plastic bag that just screamed “day out with a toddler nappies”! They were so perfect and flat, in packaging that would look after the nappies in the bottom of a rucksack while out for the day.

Bambo Nature eco-nappy review

So that’s what they used for – during our day out to listen to Michaela Strachan talk about whales and dolphins on the DFDS Ferry. We were only sent two Bambo Nature eco-nappies, and I think to give nappies a good test you need a few more, because there are some scenarios that would push the nappy to its limits, while others would be a comparative walk in the park. You know what I mean – like, a poop, overnight, and during strenuous activity like soft play or trampolining. However, we didn’t have that option so I went for a change while we were out and then a night time nappy.
Bambo Nature eco-nappies were a good fit. Noah wears size 5, and they weren’t too big, or a struggle to do up – actually a perfect fit for my little skinny-legged two-year-old. The nappies felt soft, and not bumpy or lumpy. He was easily able to jump, bend, and flex the way he usually does!

We liked the design of the nappy. When we use reusable cloth nappies, Noah or James will select the pattern for Noah to wear. So when he has a disposable one on, we still have a conversation about the print (for example, Sainsbury’s nappies demand that Noah bounces around the room like a bunny, because the size 5s have a little purple rabbit on them). There are tiger prints on the Bambo Nature nappy, and we rather like tigers here. We’re missing being able to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, as it seems impossible to find in the UK. We also love The Tiger Who Came to Tea book, and so a tiger is a familiar and likeable character, boldly printed on the outside of the nappy.
bambo nature eco nappy tiger print

We have used eco-nappies in the past. When James was a baby, we only used Naty nappies for a long time until we switched to cloth just before he potty trained when he was two. There are a couple of extra things to think about with eco-nappies: will they be going in landfill or does your council incinerate waste? If the latter – why are eco-nappies important to you and is the issue still there? Do you need a nappy produced using less chemicals? Bambo Nature eco-nappies are one of the best for sustainable production and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified – is that important to you? Is the extra money you’re likely to spend each month worth it?

The Conscious Parent website (link at the top of this post) includes a monthly bundle with free delivery for Bambo eco-nappies, with 243 size 5 nappies in the pack. I think that really, the way we use nappies, that’s more likely a 4 month supply, because we’re only using them occasionally through the day and during night times. The price for buying eco-nappies in bulk is £68. If you also only use 2 or 3 disposables per day, then that is approximately the same price of Pampers over 4 months. You can also buy a pack of 54 Bambo eco-nappies for £18. It’s maths you need to do with your own ethics, needs, and family’s budget in mind.

What did we think of the Bambo Nature nappy?

So how did we find the Bambo Nature eco nappy? I would say there was nothing really to report! We only tested them with a wee during the day, and Noah was fine for a couple of hours before I changed him at his usual time. In the morning, after we tried the nappy overnight, it wasn’t overly heavy, or stinky, and Noah was comfortable.

Some facts on the Bambo Nature eco-nappy:

  • No allergens or perfumes to cause your little one discomfort or irritation
  • Certified hypoallergenic – approved by the Danish Asthma & Allergy Association
  • Environmentally friendly – accredited with the Nordic Swan Eco-Label
  • Made using sustainable resources – Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Gold Winner of the Gentle Parenting Awards 2016 for Best Disposable Nappy
  • Winner of the Editor’s Choice Awards in the Baby Gear Lab Awards
  • Winner of the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Award
  • Have you tried eco-nappies? How did you find them? Did you try the Bambo Nature eco-nappy yet?


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